Frag n Clear

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Frag n Clear
Factions Involved
Knight Errant
Janitor Dan
Casualties and losses
None 10 Smugglers


The team was hired to purge the greater Seattle sprawl of a list of Yakuza-associated thugs and smugglers operating out of Tacoma for a KE johnson who was thoroughly annoyed at the gang's inability to be arrested.


Knight Errant knew that the smugglers were operating at large in Seattle, however, their contacts within the Shotozumi-Rengo made them untouchable and there wasn't enough evidence to keep them behind bars for a decent amount of time, so it was decided that shadowrunners would be hired to terminate the gang in lieu of a formal trial.

The Meet

The team met with the Johnson in a maid cafe in one of the friendlier parts of Japantown, after few pleasantries, Johnson offered 20000(5000 up front) for killing the people whose profiles and criminal activities were listed on a datachip given to the party.

The Plan

After contacting a few infobrokers and fixers, the runners narrowed the smuggler's operating area down to a marina in Tacoma, where they investigated the local dockhouses until they settled on a small, nondescript dockhouse owned by a shell company reminiscent of a syndicate money-laundering operation. The runners set up there with the intent to terminate all but one hostile and use the survivor as a source of intel to find the remaining targets.

The Run

A small smuggling craft docked at the building and while the 3 smugglers were unloading their cargo, the runners struck. Janitor Dan's janitor van dropped off Nomad and Poppet as Dragon shot the gangers through the wall of the dockhouse from a nearby rooftop. The last remaining enemy was one of the ones on the list and refused to give up the location of his comrades until Nomad dropped a sledgehammer on his lower leg, unfortunately breaking both of his shin bones. The remaining 7 targets were found located in a 3 story building 10 minutes away. While the team made their way over to the rest of the smugglers, Dragon contacted Jea Eun Red-Deer, a Komun'go fixer, about the possibility of payment for intel on the Shotozumi-rengo and it was decided that any additional information supplied would net the team an extra 1000 nuyen. The team scouted the area before unlocking the front door and charging in behind the protective shield of Nomad, terminating 6 hostiles and capturing the last using stick-and-shock.


The team then procured all the commlinks they could find and doused both crime scenes with ample amounts of C^2 before dead-dropping the unconscious smuggler and the enemy commlinks and waiting for their payment from Mr. Johnson.


+21000 Nuyen

+1 Karma

+2 CDP

+1 Street Cred

+1 Knight Errant Faction Rep

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Dragon- Always happy to strike at the Yaks any way I can. Only an idiot would work with them. We got to the site and scouted it out before taking out the arriving smugglers and revealing the location of their friends. The others were holed up in a little facility a few minutes away. Nomad and Poppet made quick work of anybody dumb enough to stand up to us while I took advantage of my rifle to shoot through the floor and Janitor Dan paired up with his drone to blast away anybody left standing. Hope Jea-Eun can get something from those commlinks, maybe some more Yaks I can say hello to.


A nice, simple job. Thanks to my beefy companions, we were easily able to eliminate our erstwhile targets. See, I alliterated. I'm not boring like the other three say. The Yaks absolutely disgust me. Don't tell Vivian, but bunraku should be wiped off the face of this goddamn planet. All in all, a clean way to make a nice chunk of change. Alliteration again! X3cution out.