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Spending GMP

  • You can redeem 1 GMP for 2000 nuyen or 1 karma on a character for your choosing
  • You can redeem 1 GMP to add 2000 nuyen worth of gear to the rewards of a run, including being in excess of the RVP cap. Thematics must still approve items above 19 availability
  • You can redeem 2 GMP to pay for 1 RVP of quality rewards offered by a run.
  • You can redeem 1 GMP for 1 faction rep on a character of your choosing. This includes NPCs, so GMs can use it to upgrade faction contacts and the like with the standard reputation powers, as per "Cutting Aces"
  • You can buy certain features with GMP at varying prices. Prime slots, extra character slots, discord emojis, etc.
  • Discord Emoji = 3 GMP
  • You can redeem 1 GMP for 2 CDP on a character of your choosing
Note on GMP - Street Cred

GMP does not count towards a character's street cred when applied.

Losing GMP

GMP will be explicitly lost if the PC that GMP has been applied to dies or otherwise ceases to be playable. During resubmits, GMP is handled in special ways depending on the type of resubmit. [see Player Rules for more details.]

Earning GMP

From Running Games

See GM Rules.

Other Sources
  • Being a minion for the different departments also grants varying GMP pay. This caps out at 15 GMP per month.
  • 1 GMP is earned for contributing a player after-action report on your run's wiki page.
  • 1 GMP is earned for filling out a GM feedback form after a run.
  • Playing a premade character on a run grants either 8 GMP or an amount equal to the run's RVP, whichever is lower.
  • There is a 1 to 5 GMP bounty on any errors on the wiki reported to the Wiki Head. Please let us know in the #wiki-help channel on Discord.
  • 2 GMP can be earned for writing news articles explained at ShadowHaven News System.
  • If the GM does not wish to write their run AAR, any player may claim the 4 GMP for doing so (see GM Rewards).