Ghost in the Crowd

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Ghost in the Crowd
LocationDowntown Seattle; and Everett, Seattle
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven EVO Subsidiary Security
Sea Breeze


The team was hired to stealthily acquire data associated with a specific cybertechnology project.


This EVO subsidiary lab in downtown Seattle has made some breakthroughs with cybertechnology user compatibility. Dr. Henry Wallace wanted to acquire the data, but without disrupting the lab, but was not able to through means available to him.

The Meet

The team met with Dr. Wallace at his clinic in Everett. It was short and went well.

The Plan

The team scouted out the building the lab was in physically with drones, managing to identify the security measures of the lab. Noticing an ad for a janitorial position inside the building, the team decides to make use of this as their primary infiltration vector, with backup plans to steal the keycard of the lab's data technician if needed.

The Run

Sea Breeze plants a data tap while working as a janitor in the lab, getting In4motion to hack the host to acquire the data. Sea Breeze then works as a janitor for a week, leaving with an excuse that her former place of employment is getting busier and thus need more hands.


The team hands the data over to Dr. Wallace, who seemed pleased. The lab did not notice that someone had stolen their data.


60,000 NuYen in cyberware or bioware, and 2 CDP


26,000 NuYen in cash, 2 Karma, and 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Ah, was wonderful run! Very quick, clean and quiet! I would love to work with them again in future if we decided to raid offices again!

Sea Breeze

Take notes kids, thats how pros do it! Hell we did so well that we could just sell the story to be Horizon´s next big trid!


Moth here! This was my 44th run.  What a great team!  A real keen focus on extensive legwork and surveillance to make the best possible plan.  I contributed in several ways.  I led the negotiation for a very lucrative payout.  I did the matrix search legwork on the building and project, identifying the project lead's two assistants, and all three of their social media.  We were prepared to potentially impersonate one of the three of them, if needed.  I manned the cameras during our two days of surveillance, keeping a keen eye on our targets.  When we identified that the data might be in the secure data room, I helped study the infiltration opportunities there, including confirming the identity of the IT guy with access.  I was ready with a keycard copier if we needed a keycard to get into the secure server room.  Luckily, the team did the sensible thing, and focused on the janitor infiltration when we realized a position was open.  I set up Sea Breeze with a disguise and fake SIN from Juan Lopez, and helped set up her background with previous employment at a hospital in Tarislar, using my contacts to make sure that reference check would work.  Happily, the data was on Jules' console, rather than in the secure server room.


Things were particularly tricky because of where this laboratory was located. The building's location, the mix of different subsidiaries in the same location, and the system by which the information was handled all contributed to a generally dangerous run. Sea Breeze managed to get in the door as a Janitor after we scoped the place out. All signs pointed to the data being stored within a series of servers that were guarded 24 hours a day, and required a keycard and a keycode to get into. But, Sea Breeze and Moth weren't distracted from their due diligence. With a datatap on our mark's terminal, we manged to scoop out the data without a full-fledged assault of the server complex that definitely would have alerted Evo. I'm going to have to remind myself that the simplest solution is often the best.