Going Catfishing

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Going Catfishing
LocationSeattle, Downtown
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
Eighty-Eight Triad
Crazy Eight
Knight Errant
Heart of the Tempest


Cop banging and alarms blaring


A member of the Eighty-Eight Triad's named Crazy Eight had a friend that got looped at the wrong place at the wrong time as a makeship gettaway driver. Abandoning the vehicle in a hurry and leaving behind a Cigarette that contained their DNA. A KE Deputy named Amelia Gonzales found said cigar and after finding out that the said friend of Crazy Eight was a Vanguard of the Triads held this information ransome for a ludicrous amount of Nuyen.

The Meet

Not wanting his friends life in the hands of a KE Deputy Crazy Eight looking around found an unlikely hire in the form of Hibiscus. With expertise in both being persuasive and breakign and entering, she was purrfect for the job. Escorting her to his private boat with luxury seating and accomodations. Crazy Eight explained the situation to Hibiscus and offered a payment of 24k. After a failed card game and some back and forth they settled on 26k for a successful job of both destorying the evidence and convincing her to not use ransome against the Triads. Crazy Eight also advising her to grab a team of people in the process. Hibiscus choosing to recruit some of her most trusted companions in the forms of Fluster, Snowman, and Tempest.

The Plan

After meeting at a local diner for Orcs that served Orc sized portions and incredible spices, the runners discussed how best to go about dealing with the situation over large chunks of meat and spicy drinks. After recieving details back from their contacts and Snowman's surprising skills at traversing the Matrix. It turned out she was in a very unsatisfactory marriage and was actively on an app named "Quickie" looking for something or rather someone else. Also that she had recently became the godmother to her nephem after his father/her brother died. Also that her house was under very tight surveillance and security. With those bits of information in mind they decided to split into two teams. Tempest and Hibiscus heading over to the house to break in while Snowman went on a date with her and Fluster acted as a plus one with Amelia bringing over one of her friends. Tempest then choosing to go astral and investigate the residence as the others readied Snowman's dating profile with extravagant photos courtesy of Fluster's magic. Investigating the house revealing a wide assortment of cameras and security systems. Further more revealing a basement guarded by a powerful spirit wielding dual Roomsweeper pistols. After seemingly becoming observed and the layout in mind Tempest returned to her physical body. With the inforamtion and plan in mind they split apart, beginning their mission.

The Run

Hibiscus and Tempest visited the home in the dead of night, invisibility and silence being their greatest allies as they snuck by patrolling officers and dogs alike. Eventually they made it to the property and after getting over their greatest obstacle... the fence. The duo managed to make their way into Amelia's office. Where she kept old style paper records and looking around revealed nothing but a paper mentioning a figure known as "Sleek." Hibisccus pocketing the file soon after discovering it as it seemed imporant. Sneeking furthermore into the house they stood at the basement doors, after finding a DNA samplbe of Amelia in the form of leftover hair on her floor they managed to gain access to the basement. Where standing before them was the powerful spirit Tempest saw during her investigation, after an intense bout of stealth and cat and mouse, Tempest managed to sneak by the imposing Guardian spirit and reach the door to the room the evidence was most likely stored inside. But not without destroying the safe that contained said evidence with her magic. After the metal was destroyed and Cigar incinerated, Red lights began to blare as they attempted to hurry out, Tempest managing to slip past and get shot by the spirit that noticed her despite her concealment. Her regeneration rapidly repairing the wound left it its wake before turning around and nearly killing the creature with a singular spell. The spirit disipating afterwards as they fled the house avoiding the crying child before them and hopping out the window they came through, seeing the spirit again manifested before them attempting to stop their escape. Yet with yet another lone spell Tempest managed to fell the spirit, its material body triggering the fence alarm systems as they booked it, dissipating several other spirits on their way to the car. Calmly approaching a newly put in place police holo-tape line as they blocked in the neighberhood. And yet with just the right amount of sweet talking and deception, the pair managed to convince the officer to let them Tempest had been severely injured and needed to get to a hospital as they then fled the scene of the crime.

All the while that was happening Snowman and Fluster showed up at a local cop bar in downtown Seattle not too far from Amelia's house where their companions were breaking in. Amelia sitting a revealing silver dress while her friend, Grelga. Who was an incredibly tall and muscular orc lady with full cyberlimbs. While Snowman and Amelia got along swimingly, Fluster and Grelga after an awkward coversation decided to remain friends and keep in contact. Though that did not prevent Snowman from tempting the lovely Amelia with a weekend long vacation worth 5k Nuyen. Over which he will *ahem* convince her to drop the ransome.


In the chaotic aftermath, eventually everyone getting paid and Crazy Eight offered his services in exchange for some of the offered Nuyen. Yet despite this Hibiscus took a risk saying she'd be taking both. With an audible chuckle and smirk across his face he accepted her offer. Everyone getting away with a hefty payday and potential new allies along the way.


  • 24k Nuyen (12 RVP)
  • 8 Karma (8 RVP)
  • 2 CDP


  • Crazy Eight Contact. Connection 8/Loyalty 1 (8 RVP)
  • (For Tempest) Adrenaline Surge (12 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Heart of the Tempest: "Note to self: Next time doing some B&E, go on the Kami so I have more strength than a pool noodle. Embarrassing... Anyways, that spirit was a bitch to sneak past, but once it started shit it went down quickly. It's cute when they try counterspelling. Anyways, we did the job, got out mostly fine, and got paid plenty! Aaand Snowman fucked another cop. A musclemilf, the lucky bastard."

Hibiscus: "I'm glad I did work with the triads and will continue to do so, but with that said - not a fan of biometric scanners or ghost patrols. At least Snowman got some. ...I hope he's doing alright."

Fluster: "I mean... I had fun... Made a new bestie that can probably bench three of me... Snowman's SO fucked, figuratively and literally"

Snowman: "I can't even lie. I was just a straight-up gigolo on this job. But anyone who says I didn't earn my cut needs to know one thing. That. Woman. Has. STAMINA."