Gone Girl

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Gone Girl
Result The team was able to successfully retrieve both Herman Rice's daughter and his money
Factions Involved
Brad Jackson
Commanders and leaders
Herman Rice
Chalmers & Cole Associates


Christina the daughter of Herman Rice, a senior executive of Chalmers and Cole Associates, had gone missing. She took a large sum of her father's money and eloped with her boyfriend Brad Jackson, an elf. Rice hired the runners to bring back his daughter and his money.


The meet took place at Rice's farmhouse in Snohomish, over dinner.


The team followed one clue after another, tracing the target's path using footage captured with checkpoint cameras. The team finally tracks down Brad at a luxury hotel in downtown, where he was having a good time with some Vory prostitutes. He had taken the money from Christina and sold her to the Vory. He was spent some of the money in an effort to get a fake SIN for Tir Tairngire. The runners ruined his day, left him tied to the bed and called KE, with enough evidence to incarcerate him. Instead of going to fight the Vory, they used tact and used their contact to buy Christina back from the Vory using her father's money, before they could persona fix her. Herman was pleased at the team's efficiency and did not mind the loss of some of his money.


Brad Jackson was put on trail and incarcerated. Christina is undergoing therapy.


28,000 nuyen, 4 karma. +5 rep SpinRad

Player Characters


Oh yea, this was a fun one. The decker got to break into a few security cameras and eventually we found this jagoff. Tracked him to a hotel, with some masterful host pen (if i do say so) by our handsome and amazing decker, the team was inserted into a vacant nearby room, the cameras were looped, and the physical members of the team did there thing. Turns out the dude was a con man the whole time and sold the girl, to some vory, which we then intimidated into selling her back. But man that decker, he was ON.