Gone Girl 3: A Trail of Blood and Drugs

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Gone Girl 3: A Trail of Blood and Drugs
Result The team were able to rescue Samantha and escape the clutches of the Shedim, for now.
Factions Involved
Frag Face
The Hot-Rodder from Hell
Frag Face
Aztechnology Shorn Ones
Commanders and leaders
Joe Brooks


KOMO Seattle: A horrific and grizzly murder has shocked the people in the Touristville community. A dismembered metahuman body was found wrapped in novacoke packets in the trunk of an abandoned car. The body was identified as female but KE were unable to get further information due to the victim not possessing a SIN. The images we are about to show are extremely graphic in nature despite censored. Viewer discretion is advised. The growing rates of violence in Redmond district has KE believe it might be the gruesome outcome of gang on gang violence.

The news of the horrific murder of Joe Brook's wife Holly Hernandez led him to have an emotional breakdown. The low level drug dealer did not have a SIN and neither did his wife. Knowing KE won't help he turned to runners, hoping they'll look pas his low level illegal activities.


The meet took place at Joe's house in Snohomish. Joe hires the runners to bring the serial killers back alive so he can exact his revenge. Joe told the runners the killers asked for a large sum which he was unable to pay, only paying a small amount, in response to which they killed his wife and sent a video of her murder. The disturbing video feed showed that the killer had shared a wired feed between his and Holly's cyber eyes, so she could witness her own slow dismemberment from her killer's POV.


The runners scouted out the crime scene and then used the matrix to find out about a similar murder a months ago. Victim Lizzie Garcia was found dismembered in a Snohomish graveyard. The groundskeeper Logan Smith found the body, cut in pieces and wrapped in plastic bags filled with grave dirt. Logan was under suspicion for a while before the investigation came to a dead end. The runners went to have a chat with Logan and mind probed him to see that he was in love with Lizze and hated that she chose a part time model, part time mafia criminal Jaime Russo as her fiance. Things were worse as Jaime's father owned the graveyard where Logan was employed making Jaime his immediate boss. He was then approached by the two serial killers who offered help, promising they would get rid of Jaime of all his ill gotten money and bring him and Lizze together, duping him into kidnapping Lizzie and when the dismemberment began, Logan, too scared and powerless to defend Lizzie, ran for his life, following which the killers dumped her body in his graveyard to taunt his cowardice. Meanwhile the players connect the dots that both Joe and Jaime had worked independently for Aztechnology before. Logan tells the runners he kept silent because he'd prefer death over talking and facing whatever horrors the killers can unleash upon him. He then commits suicide, opting for a quick, painless death.

In the dead of the night, Frag face and Usagi were also ambushed by two spirits who the runners dispatch easily. But it was more of a test to see the runner's capabilities.

The runners contact their fixer and learn about the journalist, Daniel Miller, that investigated the series murders and risked his life to hack the main Aztech host to get the real identities of the killers, getting himself scorched by black IC and fired from his job. The runners learn that the killers were part of a covert Aztech special forces called the "Shorn Ones". These awakened elite work in pair and specialize in terror tactics and psychological warfare. They fought in the Aztlan-Amazonia war where they did some messed up black ops where they used terror tactics to wage a psychological war. They would brutally kill civilians (women and children preferably) to demoralize the amazonian forces. The people who survived the war suffered mental trauma from years of drug, cyberware and blood magic abuse. Psychologically unstable, two of them started these serial killings back in Aztlan but now that the killings are happening in Seattle its possible they are working in the Aztech pyramid. Their identities are Diego Martinez and Eztli Tepanaca, for whom the war never ended and wherever they go they wage this dirty war as it has been hard coded into their system through years of abusive training and PTSD.

The whole run, the runners were observed by the killers using drones. They kidnapped Hot rodder's girlfriend and held her for ransom, laying a trap for the runners. Joe offers some backup muscle and the runners go on to confront the psychos. The duo were behind cover and had Rodder's gf bound, gagged and strapped with a bomb. Rodder delivers some cash in exchange for her release. Little did they know that the gf was an illusion and was a bone spirit in disguise. The killers released the fake gf who proceeded to run into Rodder's arms, making out with her and then engulfing her, almost killing her in the process. Panicked, the other two runners attacked with the backup. In a tense firefight, the runners were able to get the bleeding out Rodder and his captured real gf (who was stuck in a van) out. Joe's men took heavy casualties, but the runners made it out relatively safe. Unfortunately for them the killers were still at large.

Horizon News Network: KE Awakened Control Center reported a large spike in blood magic activity, in Redmond Barrens yesterday. KE is still investigating the astral signatures but reports have come in that Force 8 spirits were spotted in an intense combat. The concept of high force blood spirits and forbidden magic even in the barrens makes the local residents nervous. More on this later...