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Procyon lotor technicus


A small business owner having problems with "ghosts" hires a team of shadowrunners to solve the problem.


The owner of a plant that manufactures headlights for cars in Boise, Washington is concerned about reports coming from a guard of strange occurrences, including the appearance of unexplained "Satanic" symbols.

The Meet

Meeting in a hotel in Boise, the team questions the client about the phenomena. The client doesn't know terribly much, as the reports are coming from a guard, but he authorizes them to search the plant at their leisure. He also notes that the plant is not on a mana line, nor does the business have any enemies.

The Run

The team rides to the plant, at which point Wolfheart notices Kera has undead summoned and becomes very upset. She manages to hold this in however, but refuses to get within some thirty meters of them. While she stews outside, the team goes in to question the frightened guard, who provides pictures of the "Satanic" symbols. Kera looks at them and pretty easily identifies that they are not Satanic, nor do they particularly match any magical tradition. In fact, they appear to be random nonsense etched into the walls. Further questioning of the staff reveals the drones have been acting odd. Wolfheart and Kera assense the factory floor and find a pack of raccoons whose auras bear the subtle signs of emergence. Wolfheart identifies them as Procyon lotor technicus, the emerged subspecies of the common raccoon. She summons a spirit of beasts to use Animal Control on them and have them leave the factory, going far into the woods where they can live to terrorize someone else one day.


The client is informed of the technocritter problem and its resolution, and he seems upset that he essentially paid a lot of money for pest control. The "Satanic" symbols were later identified as the welding drones trying to "weld" various surfaces indiscriminately.


  • 6,000¥
  • 2 Karma

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I'm glad the raccoons got out safely and no one was hurt. I can't abide those... things, though. I tried my best to keep it professional, which I guess is all I can do.


Well, it turns out, there were no ghosts. Just some raccoons that they were saying is a techno critter. I have not encountered them before, but they looked very cute following that wolf spirit out of the warehouse. I am glad I did not have to hurt them to finish this run.