Grey Morality

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Grey Morality
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven MCT
Field Mouse
Spirit Speaker
MCT Security
MCT Driver


In which runners steal a truckload of grey mana.


The Meet

Rose of Sharon Howlett meets the runners in Loveland, Puyallup. She tells them that she wants to steal a truckload of grey mana that is transported by MCT from one of their extraterritorial sites in downtown over the highway down to another one in southwest Puyallup. She's going to pay them 8K and 4K more if they bring the truck as well. There shouldn't be any astral security, so the team decides that the payment is appropriate and takes the job.

The Plan

To start off the legwork Mouse does a quick matrix search on the transport and finds information about the tanker and that there will be only one other vehicle in the transport. Then Fujiko drives along the road to pick a good ambush location. He decides on a part after the highway with a warehouse nearby, so they can hide and get away when stuff goes sideways. The plan is now to stop the truck and get the people out with the help of a water spirit. And then drive off, without seriously injuring anyone. To help with that Mouse and Spirit Speaker turn a spike strip into "Spike" the Homunculus in a hotel room they got for the night. Spirit Speaker, who was with Mouse at the same university in the same department, creates a watcher spirit in the toilet. During this Mouse actually hears and understands his old Arabic mumbling and now knows that he follows the great old ones. Mouse also hires Providence to take care of any matrix buisness.

The Run

The team sets up at ambush and Mouse summons his spirit, a friendly otter. After negotiation with him the spirit is willing to enter the truck, despite the grey mana, in return for a favor. Spike does his job well and when the convoy comes lets the tires of the front vehicle go up. The MCT security immediately exits the vehicle and get's shot at by Bland and Fujiko. Mouse learns in the meantime that he has made a grave mistake, as the otter slams the head of the driver against the wheel and then proceeds to attack the next security guard. Spirit Speaker can do nothing else than annoy and maybe scare the guards a bit with his manifesting astral form and the watcher spirit. After the fight is won and no one is seriously injured, at least not permanently, the runners load off the truck at a ware house. They get paid the promised 12K after Rose made sure that the grey mana is there and Bland can negotiate for the payment to optionally be in magical goods.



12,000 nuyen

6 karma


Optional Contact: Rose of Sharon Howlett (C2/L2 Occult Bounty Hunter) for 3 RVP or 6 CDP (+1 loyalty for Mouse)

Optional Contact: Zion (C3/L1 Talismonger) for 3 RVP or 6 CDP

Optional Gear Reward: Grey Mana (for armor or tattoos) and magical gear (from Zion)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Spirit Speaker

I need to be more careful with doing my rituals in the future. Thomas now knows what I'm doing to access my newfound abilities. Hopefully, I can convince him to not spread that information around, that would be... bad. We will see how that one works out.


"I really like working with professionals who aren't in it for the blood, so to speak. This team was highly professional, made every effort to protect the unfortunate guards from death, and went in and out of the process with aplomb. Can't say I've ever enjoyed a run as much as I did this one; although that Mouse guy might want to be more explicit in the future when dealing with his spirits. That otter was far to furious for my tastes. But all in all, a solid run."


"Finally I got call from my fixer... Well stealing trucks is not my biggest strength, but we succeed so it's not bad and nobody got killed. Team was professional, but little weird, I guess I will need time to get used to dealing with shadowrunners..."


I got to help Rose today, who is like the TOUGHEST, and I am really proud that I could be helpful! That being said, I really thought that the spirit was just going to--like--scare them out of the truck, but he basically WATERBOARDED THEM AND AHHH I AM SO SORRY YOU GUYS! Like, it's better than being shot in the face and being dead forever but I DIDN'T MEAN FOR THAT TO HAPPEN! Otters are little jerks NO OFFENSE TO OTHER OTTERS THIS ONE WAS JUST ACTING LIKE IT WAS PLAYING BUT IT WAS HURTING SOMEONE AHH!

Okay. I'm good. I'm totally calm. I totally did not organize stealing a truck and then ask a spirit to play pingpong with someone's face. I think I'm going to be sick =(.