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Factions Involved


The team extracts a wannabe runner out of his mansion, cause he was grounded.


A wannabe runner, who pretends to be a decker, is grounded but needs to get to a meet. So he hires Runners and becomes a wannebe Johnson.

The Meet

They meet in a matrix chatroom at 11am. The Johnson tells the team that he needs to be in a meet with his J at 7pm. The problem is that he is grounded. He offers 6,000 NuYen but Chammy manages to raise the payment to 8,000. He gives them the floor plans, and security descriptions of the mansion.

The Plan

The plan is that Chammy distracts the staff as a Sushi delivery dude. While Uber and Roadie extract the J out of the 3rd floor.

For Chammy buys the uniform that "Sushi-Go" uses. And 5 pacs of gas stations sushi.

Uber and Roadie go to the Krime-Mall to buy Fluorescing Astral Bacteria against the spirits at the mansion. They have to pay the parking lot gang to now rob the car. They buy a FAB at "Crazy Otter's" and also a few other things.

The Run

Chammy pretends to be a Sushi delivery dude, and the J confirms that he ordered indeed sushi, so she can drive up to the mansion. The butler opens the door, and she massages the J to come down and get into Uber's car. Uber and Roadie now drive up to the gate in Uber's cat. They shoot the guard and scare away the watcher spirits with FAB. The Johnson get's into the car, but not unnoticed by the butler. Chammy distracts the butler and manages to intervene as he tries to grab the J. They all drive off.


The team brings the Johnson to the meet, a poser cafe. Uber and Roadie stay there to watch the meet. As the Johnson of the wannabe runners comes in, he realises where he is, and immediately leaves.


8k NuYen

5 karma


Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Those kids is a fools. They don't know what they are doing, have never seen the misery on the streets, never had to worry about anything in their life. And who is to blame? Horizon and all the other media companies.


I think I met my cringe quota for the month. Also, I was just dying of curiosity and hung around after we dropped the kid off, and wow, just imagine being this bad at your job: <johnson_realizing_theyre_at_a_poser_cafe_and_immediately_leaving.trid> I think that's the first time I've ever seen a J question what they're doing with their life right now.


I am just glad we could talk that kid down, he and his friends had no idea of what they were doing and end up being killed for nothing.