Guerilla Radio

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Guerilla Radio
LocationRedmond Barrens, Snoomish
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Low Blow Martial Arts Shop
Humanis, Troll Slayers
Troll Slayer gangers
Casualties and losses
Each and every one, to the last man.


The runners are hired to retrieve some stolen equipment, and to teach racist gangers, and policlub members a lesson. They accomplish it with dedication, passion, and enough violence to fill an episode of Urban Brawl.


Roger Hendrix, owner of the Low Blow Martial arts shop has bought matrix equipment and medical supplies for the locals in the area. A Humanis group has infiltrated the shipment, and with the help of some Troll Slayer gang acquaintances, took the supplies for themselves, rather than let an Ork make a difference. The supplies are moved from the gangers to a humanis stronghold in Snoomish for redistribution. In return the leader of the Slayers gets some new fancy equipment. After this, Roger had no choice, but to hire runners to do the community a solid.

The Meet

The runners meet Mr. Johnson on a rooftop in the barrens. Roger treats them as fellow runners, has no wish to act as an official Mr. Johnson. This is a favor from an old runner, to fellow members of the shadow community. He explains the situation, gives them every info he can, and mentions, that two groups will be sent out to get everything. The parties agree on a price and begin to plan their move.

The Plan

With excellent Matrix skills, Canis finds the Troll Slayers responsible for diverting the supplies and finds a way through the Ork Underground into the building. They decide on Small Unit Breach and Clear tactics, splitting the teams to attack from two sides. With the help of Legal Eagle, they get a guide, called Sidewinder, to guide them safely through the underground and manage to coordinate an attack on the Troll Slayer Base. They offered Sidewinder to record the action, so he can get a closure for his murdered little brother, wich he got.

The Run

The Troll Slayers prove to be no match to a fully armed and organised shadowrunner raid, and fail one by one. The group does not find the supplies, however they find a drugged up squatter who poses no threat to the mission and two hostages, who help them tell the location of the warehouse and ask them to rescue their husband and father respectively, as they were captured and held there. After minimal recon the team heads to the designated area. In the meantime the second team, consisting of Turul, and some Jackpoint runners inform them, that they have succeeded in their objective, and are available to provide distraction if needed. Canis then hacks into the host of the warehouse, managing to turn their own security turrets against the humanis, obliterating much of the opposing force. Following that they breach the perimeter and kill everyone in sight, as Nita summons a spirit to guard the hostages. By the time the two leaders of the humans cell disappear in an flashing light, caused by the detonation of the RPG, flak used, the warehouse is clear, the supplies have ben found, and the hostages are reunited.


With the supplies returned, Roger managed to set up the matrix hardware, to reduce the noise in the area by one. Legal Eagle was given evidence against humanis cruelty, with the hopes to pursue legal actions against them. Also with another humanis cell completely obliterated, as well as one of their Troll Slayer acquaintances, a lot of metahumans can sleep that much easier for a while.


Roger Hendrix as a contact with loyaity of 2 12k worth of shadowrunner gearm or 6k nuyen cash. 9 karma (7+2 for good rp) Flak gets +1 karma for using his Rocket Launcher 2cdp

Lore trivia the runners missed, and might be fun to read for them.

- The substance abusing squatter was a former school teacher with, as the runners suspected, no ties to the Troll Slayer community. The gang made him their lookout, even though he wanted nothing to do with them, so he would not have gave the group away if they'd try to sneak in.

- Sidewinder, the ork guide, was originally named Flak, because I had no idea that Flak, the PC character existed, had to come up with a name mid sentence upon realizing it. He helped out Legal Eagle, because if not for him he'd be either dead, or in a correctional facility.

- The Humanis host was outdated, it belonged to the warehouse, when it was used to process, and store soy, but they have not upgraded it, because of an irrational fear of Technomacner treachery in the new architecture.

Game Quotes

'as they breach the Troll Slayer hideout, the group hears yelling from one room, where a single squatter should reside. Roadie kicks in the door to find the squatter, high out of his mind, Point finger guns everywhere and make BANG sounds with his mouth, yelling incoherently, but clearly having the time of his life. --Roadie slowly closes the door, and goes on about his business

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


This team was very good and I would like to run with any of them again, but most importantly... we saved a family... we did good today... we did good... and I hope we can do it again.


We saved an orc family, blew the drek outta some metaracists, and now half the haven said they're gonna buy me drinks, overall a good fraggin day