Hammer Time

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Hammer Time
Status Threat Level: Spcy Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Major Corp
Casualties and losses


Mr. Hammer, a Mercenary affiliated with A Rating B Security Company and has to deal with seeker info to stop a cult from doing some frag up


A Group of Unknown Assailants are attempting to poison a water treatment with HMHVV Blood. The job is to guard the locale and Geek anyone who arrives unexpected, as well as seize any of the blood. Job is in Tacoma, Seattle. Other locations are protected by Security Units.

The Meet

Runners are invited to an Abandoned Factory in the Barrens by their fixers by a man known as Mr. Hammer. He informs them a seer has informed him of blood attack on Water treatment plant.

14k Offer, Maestro barters to 20k.

The Plan

Group arrives at the Treatment plant and begins setting their Positions. Rurosha seeks out a perch, 81 Enters Matrix Security, Scanning the Scene. The group encounters a strange-looking individual within the matrix of considerable power (a decker)

The group finds the door locked. Baritone is sent to investigate and open the door, finding a slew of corpses on the other side.

Some of the individuals look as if gunned down, others look slashed, and some by claws. The group encounters faint and strange glints in the area. It is Mono-wire with grenades attached.

The group, pushing forward, eventually encounters A group of Ghouls, as well as Banshee Mysad and Ghoul Adept. The group spot Baritone but the Runner still assault.

The Run

Six Opens fire at the Banshee, though the Ghoul Adept leaps in the way, surviving the barrage with heavy wounds. Maestro drops Chaotic World, confusing all of the enemies. Baritone attempts to seize the mind of the Adept but fails. The Banshee draws an enchanted sword and a crossbow, which they aim at Rurosha. The Ghoul Adept Charges at Six, swinging his strike. The Ghouls Swarm Six. Rurosha opens fire on the Banshee with called shots and bursts, though the creature evades

Maestro continues to attempt to seize control of the Banshee’s mind with his magic, almost succeeding despite her great will. Six, engaged in melee with the Ghouls, will open fire upon the Banshee. The result will be the banshee exploding into a burst of fire.

Rurosha fires on the Banshee, the Banshee dodges. Maestro, knowing Six has the power to resist, throws a ball of lightning towards the horde, causing the Ghoul to explode.

After they succeed, the group continues moving forward. The group Moves into the next room to find Ghouls trying to make their way into a glass area with an elf with some containers. Six and Maestro manage to spot the Sniper and Mage, and Maestro manages to spot what appears to be a Toxic Fire Spirit in the Astral Plane.

The group, wanting to strike down the mage before things get sticky, utilizes the Element of Surprise. Six, almost entirely undetected, flings into action and attempts to slay the Mage. Six Immediately sprays the mage with Explosive Rounds, devolving them into Chunky Salsa. Maestro and Baritone combine their efforts in an attempt to seize control of the Burnout Adept. Failing, Maestro becomes frustrated.

Rurosha takes aim and bursts fire on the adept. A random Ghoul opens fire with an AK on the group, suppressing Maestro who drops to ground. Opening fire, a group of cultists attempt to slay the Runners, their pistols having little effect on Six. Rurosha dodges, Six laughs it off. Six, firing on the Burn-Out Adept, manages to hit. It is Soaked. Maestro uses Stunbolt on the opponent, causing them to fall and break their neck. Rurosha pops the Ghoul. Runners mop up the cultists.

The person found inside the panic room is eventually accessed by the group, as Six reconnects some wires befuddlingly.

The group finds Canisters with blood in the bag of the sniper, leaving.

As the Runners depart, Knight Errant arrives on the scene.

The group returns to Mr.Hammer to see body bags and wounded individuals. The Runners make their way back inside


Once the the job was done and Hammer Team, stop the other cultist, he would stay around trying to find out who was trying to turn people into infected and unknowing is stepping into a bigger game


20k or 40k (10RVP) in gear, Guns,Armor,Cars,Drones,Cyberware, Foci,spells and cyberware/bioware Avail Limit: 18

3 Karma (3 RVP)

CDP 2 as normal (Isaac will remind me if i don't) Optional Contact Mr.Hammer 4/2 (5 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Fortunately, we made it just in time. Any more delay, and we would not have been successful, and an unknown amount of.people would have been subjected to this virus. I have no issues with infected that try to do right... but that is not the case all of the time... and I do not want to have to deal with them. It hurts seeing that.