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Part of Murders and Acquisitions
Date9th - January- 2079
LocationBellevue, Seattle Metroplex.
Result Successful extraction of a sought after Matrix Architect
Factions Involved
Bishop (kanehorus)
Rogatty Vydra
Cerberus Security Solutions
Tenix Security Solutions
Casualties and losses
2 Cerberus Security Personnel
1 MCT Rotodrone
2 Spirits


Sarah Black, a considerably proficient matrix architect, has been marked as a target for extraction by a currently unknown faction.

Black currently works as a freelancer for Tenix Security Solutions, designing and upgrading hosts for other corporations. After a near death situation in a foundation, she developed agoraphobia and managed to negotiate with Tenix to work from home.


The Runners met Goldeneye, a particularly charismatic and friendly man with a rather peculiar set of cyber eyes. Alongside Goldeneye was a large troll he seemed to refer to as Arthur. The duo met the team in an irish pub in Downtown Seattle called O'Malley's.

The Johnson was professional but incredibly corporate with language that is reminiscent of adspeak. The runners soon came to an agreement, they were to track down and extract Sarah Black and bring her to Mr Johnson when they had lost any tails. They had 2 weeks to do so, before they started losing pay.


The runners quickly got to work, scoping out Black's Mefeed page and finding her cats. they were linked to a Veterinarian's office in a Bellevue Enclave called Sunshine Acres. They then researched the area, finding it protected by Cerberus Security Solutions.

Additional digging into the area saw them looking for information at Bainbridge Antiques, where Bishop learned that delinquent kids were sneaking out of the enclave and causing a ruckus. they tracked them down to Powerline, where a quick drug deal later, they managed to acquire important pheromone to throw off patrolling dogs.

They decided to hit the facility by infiltrating via delivery drone. To do this right, they needed to do a Host dive on the enclave. It was a tough fight, that ended up with Bishop covered in vomit and blood, but with the file. Photon, who was not a fan of these bodily fluids in her precious van, kicked him out and demanded to hire a new decker. Enter Voxel.

Voxel managed to sneak into the host the next day and mess with the whitelist, meaning their drone would be under significantly less scrutiny. They then buy a sofa and shove the large Russian man in the box.

Vydra makes his way into the enclave, and into Black's home, where he incapacitates her and puts her in the drone. It makes it way out of the enclave unmolested as he grabs her cats and some pillows for a distraction. When he gets the all clear, Grimoire kills the two security spirits and has her Guardian spirit use Movement on him. She also casts Improved Invisibility.

Vydra makes a break for his exfil plan, swimming through a smuggling route the teens used to get out of the enclave at night. He is detected by Cerberus, who attempt to stop him, but he's too fast.

The team manages to get out, however, Photon's aerial support drone is shot down in the process


Mr. Johnson did not arrive at the handoff, and instead sent his troll associate. The team handed off the target and recieved their credsticks, then made like a tree and got the frag out.


13,000 Nuyen, 4 Karma

+3 Rep to Goldeneye