Cerberus Security Solutions

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Cerberus Security Solutions
”Keeping All Hell At Bay”
TypeSecurity Company
Player May JoinNo
Area of OperationSeattle, Atlanta, San Francisco

Faction Information

Cerberus Security Solutions is an unrated security corporation that is favoured by smaller corporations for hired security. They focus heavily on canine and paracritter based tactics and have acquired the correct permits from the governments in which they operate.

Their underdog status makes them an attractive option compared to Knight Errant and Lone Star, as they are independent and will not abuse their power as security for corporate espionage.

While their security and rentacop business is their bread and butter, they also have divisions in Paracritter breeding, biotech R&D, Law firms, magical confinement and bounty hunters.

They have a very specific brand image that they want to uphold. Each employee is encouraged to adopt and raise a dog, while each security guard is provided with K9 training and a dog.

Their hardened security forces are nicknamed The Hellhounds and The Sirens.



CSS have been attempting to expand enough to become a rated corporation in the corporate court.

Major Locations

  • Seattle Metroplex
  • Atlanta Metroplex
  • San Francisco Metroplex


CEO: Diego Thorpe

CFO: Albert Chalmers

CTO: Chris Cooper

Spokesman: Rupert Sanchez

Head of Seattle Security: Cherry Silver Morales-Shaffer


Flash Star!

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HIH Financial

Hermetic Security Resolutions

Knight Errant


Lone Star

405 Hellhounds

Current Status


Health Summary



Zinjo Voyambi4LegworkRent-A-Cop, Ex-Lone Star

Narrative Significant Runs

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Pushing the NeedleNotB0b15 January 2079
HeadhuntingNotB0b9 January 2079