OzTech Microsystems

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OzTech Microsystems
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“Smaller, Faster, Stronger!”
TypeA Rated Corporation
Player May JoinNo
Area of OperationSeattle, Bellevue and Melbourne, Australia

OzTech Microsystems
A Rated Tech Company
“Smaller, Faster, Stronger!”
Player joinability?No
LocationBellevue, Seattle and Melbourne, Australia.

Faction Information

OzTech Microsystems are a rapidly expanding technology company that have managed to push themselves into the Seattle market. They focus heavily on hardware micronisation, pushing for smaller and more efficient technology. This has led them to excel in the RFID space, as well as form-fitting commlinks, console optimisation and general hardware R&D.

They are looking to move forward with their new low end cyberdeck, and are looking to increase the workload to provide the brainpower to push out the last few things. When they have the designs ready to go, they'll be moving to manufacturing.

Oztech value Innovation above all else. they believe that a motivated workforce that can out-think the challenges will provide them with superior products and services. They have gone to great lengths to accommodate their employees, and have even moved certain chemicals off of their internal restricted substances list.


  • Acquire a prototype for their new Cyberdeck launch
  • Attain AA status
  • Crack into the Seattle Market, hard.

Major Locations

  • Seattle Metroplex
  • Melbourne Metroxplex


CEO: Rupert Jordan


Cerberus Security Solutions

Knight Errant


Tenix Security Solutions

Current Status

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