Flash Star!

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Flash Star!
“Everyone's a star baby!"
TypeA Rated Corporation
Player May JoinYes
Area of OperationSeattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco

Faction Information

Flash Star! are an A-rated megacorporation that focuses on Public relations, entertainment, and media. They are in direct competition with Horizon and have been looking to diversify their interests in the hope that they can attain an AA status.

While they focus on trideo, simsense, and music studios, they also have a major fashion brand gaining momentum in the CAS and Japanese markets. Garish, gaudy and ostentatious are often used to describe these outfits.

They have recently started expanding into Seattle's cyberdeck production market in Renton, to the chagrin of the local Yakuza elements there. Luckily for them, they have also been attempting to increase their magical security and will be very extraction prone to gather appropriate talent.

Flash Star!'s corporate culture is very dog eat dog. Backstabbing is not only accepted but encouraged, with fake smiles hiding snakes. How you look is also important, if you're not wearing a brand name jacket that costs ten times the price, then it's not even worth looking at.

All employees are expected to write reviews and reports of each interaction at the end of the day, usually filled with backhanded comments.


  • Become an AA corporation
  • Expand Music, Cyberdeck and magical security production.
  • Establish a strong powerbase on the west coast

Major Locations

  • Los Angeles, Corporate HQ
  • Downtown Seattle, Regional HQ





Current Status

Health Summary




Axilia Selmer6NetworkingMusic Producer

Narrative Significant Runs

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Pushing the NeedleNotB0b15 January 2079