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Helmet with Cross emoji Vampire emoji Church emoji
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Catholic Church
Sexy Bonsai
Herman the Unbreakable
Joffridus the Gentleman
Ancel The Scar
Ansfroi The Widow
Casualties and losses
Herman the Unbreakable
Joffridus the Gentleman
Ancel The Scar
Ansfroi The Widow


One Alani Humphrey, who was previously rescued by Swerve in a run before, was captured by some Catholics once more. The team was hired by Fiendest to uncapture her. Much shenanigans was to be had in a secret tunnel.


The Meet

Pell and Swerve was called to a "party" by Fiendest. After a very short meet, the pair head off to go question the Humphreys. Sexy Bonsai was hired later.

The Plan

What plan? There was no plan.

The Run

Going to the younger Humphrey family in Bellevue, the pair awkwardly question them. After finding out that they were not the correct Humphreys, Swerve and Pell went to go visit them, who were two blocks away. After a short fight and some bullying, the pair discover that the elder Humphreys sold Alani to the Catholic Inquisition. Sexy Bonsai then joined the team, and does a host dive into that church's host. After discovering the presence of a secret entrance, the team decide to infiltrate that way.

In the tunnel, much grazing hits were to be had, but the team eventually triumphs after a lot of suckiness and pain. Some juggling of Alani's body was had to get her past some giant wards.

Afterwards, Pell contacts Nameless to get a safehouse, and the team manage to get there.


Some Catholic Inquisitors died, and a secret tunnel had some property damage. A vampire was broken out from Catholic custody.


  • 16k nuyen - 8 RVP
  • 12 karma - 12 RVP
  • 2 CDP


  • Everyone: Fiendest (Connection 2) at Loyalty 4 for -5 RVP
  • Bonsai: Speed Reading and Impenetrable Logic at chargen prices out of KARMA
  • Swerve: Faced her fears, lived. Can downgrade Phobia 1 level at chargen price if desired. May also buy Loyalty 5 on Fiendest.

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Sexy Bonsai

So the matrix side went pretty smoothly, then the actual rescue went down so bad. Like I bricked this guys right arm, cos he was all right handed right? Yeah except he must have been double crossing us the entire time cos turns out this dude was a sniper with his left and clocked me out cold the second after. Pretty dicey there for a while, but someone stim'd me up a little bit later and the guards were dead so I guess yay we won? Anyway we got the ghoul chick out and back to her finger eating buddies and got paid. Now I'm off for a bath, a long one.


This feels like karma for the other run for capturing that drake, to be honest. Hope Alani's doing well.