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Entertainment Tonight News Media, 02/08/2081

New leader on the music boards as a music trideo produced cooperatively by Horizon and Spinrad releases, featuring the song "Gone like Wild Fire" by The Woo Woos. Spinrad and horizon producers Zeck and Miri comment that this music trideo, based on the real lives of Seattle shadow runners, is a prologue to the up and coming Trideo in production called "Shadow Sk8ters".

In story short, the faces of this music trideo are trending now and we're excited for further installments in the Shadow Sk8ters series. Now here's a clip from the Music Trideo. <Gone Like Wild Fire Music Trideo.Trid> *The Faces of Rambozo, Tanuki, Gh0st, Stormcrow, and some other random person sitting at the meet appears*

-Entertainment Tonight, Joe Boggart