Hospital Sells Medical Waste to Infected

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Emerald City News

Date: 9/4/2082 By: Arnold Clayman

A stylised "ECN" flashes over the screen and fades away to a trendy news studio, centered is a long green couch upon which sit a bony man with a hooked nose and pomaded hair, and a taller, egyptian man wearing a suit without an shirt, partially revealing a heavily tattoed chest.

Behind the couch, several TVs show images of a hospital.

Clayman: Good Afternoon Seattle. This is Emerald City News and I'm your host: Arnie Clayman. Today we have some harrowing news. I'll warn you ahead of time, today's story may not be appropriate for all viewers.

The Camera zooms in and cuts to one of the hospital televisions.

Clayman: *over voice-over* Recently, reports of suspicious nighttime visitors have surrounded the Westing Memorial Hospital in Bellvue.

The camera fades to shaky night-vision footage of the hospital loading dock. Several boxes and what appear to be body bags are being loaded onto a medical van. The man doing the loading glances around suspiciously as he works.

Clayman: However, as you may have guessed, this was no ordinary medical disposal

The van pulls up to a dingy warehouse. The man gets out and disappears inside. The camera fades to more shaky footage, this time of a freezer. Body bags are scattered about, and blood pouches with the Hospital's name on them hand like fruit from the ceiling.

The footage ends and the studio returns. Clayman and the other man have grim expressions.

Clayman: Allow me to answer the question you all have been thinking. Westing Memorial hospital has been giving the infected bodies and blood bags. And by the volume in that freezer, it looks like they've been doing it for some time. The hospital, unsurprisingly, refused to comment. Allow me to introduce my guest and friend, Philanthropist and Vampire Hunter Bedjoheb-Aten.

Bedjoheb addresses the camera seriously

Bedjoheb: It fills me with grief when these things happen in our community. How can you trust a hospital that would sell your body to the ghouls? Why is this the first we are hearing of this? Truly, truly disturbing.

Clayman: Indeed it is. I am told you have something of a fundraiser going towards investigating similar events?

Bedjoheb: That is correct. I have formed a charity, The Hounds of Aten, to inquire into and investigate hospitals and other places that could possibly be collaborating with Infected under the public's noise. This will not stand. As a Seattle resident, I don't intend to rest until it is certain that something like this never happens again

Clayman nods

Clayman: A noble goal. We wish you luck. Thanks for coming on the show today

Bedjoheb smiles tightly

Bedjoheb: Wish it could have been under better circumstances.

Clayman: As do I. To our viewers: Stay safe, and stay vigilant

The camera fades to black.