How Much For A Dram

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How Much For A Dram
Status Threat Level: Milk
Factions Involved
3 drek-bags
Captain Boomerang
Casualties and losses
3 drek-bags


A local talismonger has been robbed by two bit groggies, and Toothless invites a few runners to teach them a lesson in exchange for the stolen reagents.


While the talismonger in question is convinced that hiring runners would cost more than the reagents they stole were worth, Toothless (a Wolf adept) does not want people to think they can mess with the local shops. He decides to make it a community effort and invites runners to deal with the thieves non-lethally in exchange for the stolen reagents.

The Meet

The runners roll up in their various vehicles and meet Toothless in a Redmond alleyway. Toothless is in fact toothless, and explains the situation. Doris leads the talking as Boomerang resists being rude about the lack of teeth. Toothless points down the alleyway at the building where the drek-bags are hiding in, and the team is somewhat surprised about their proximity. Questions about armor and gas masks are asked to determine how far back the punches will have to be held. As Toothless starts to get excited about the run his mentor's mask activates and he grows illusory teeth/canines as well as taking on other general wolf characteristics.

The Plan

For 3/4 of the team this consisted of summoning stuff. For Scurvy it was just loading less-lethal ammo. Boomerang asks to borrow a pocket knife and Scurvy almost hands him one before he decides not to risk the Sea's displeasure. Itako hands him a ceramic knife as Boomerang explains he has a trick he's been waiting to try out.

The Run

The team saunters in and Itako starts it off by ripping the air out of drek-bag 1's lungs. Boomerang absolutely pins drek-bag 2 to a wall with the thrown pocket knife via his mastery of missiles. Scurvy shoots his grapple hand at drek-bag 3 but doesn't quite knock them down, so Itako follows up with a punch and the minor skirmish concludes.

With all the drek-bags neutralized Toothless comes in with a crowbar and pries the tops off of several crates of tradition-appropriate reagents. He is impressed, and leaves to put away his crate. The runners carry off their respective crates.


Itako stays behind to actually teach what passed as opposition a few things about actually doing magic. Boomerang gets to enchanting with glee.


  • 1000 Drams of Reagents (20k nuyens worth)
  • 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Captain Boomerang

Disappointing fight. Thought these kids would be able to take more than one blow, especially with me trying not to kill them (which is different than not trying to kill them). Frag man, if you're gonna do this drek, get some practice in first. And wear some fragging armor. Damn kids don't know how to do crime.


Scurvy got to punch someone with his grapple hand! I'm so happy for him. Makes me a proud captain.


The small sea-slug lass seems to think she can order me around, which is pretty- *grabs temples, Mentor's masks surges* what uh yesdefinitely ofcourse of course yes I'll stick to the deal...
I suppose it was foolish to think I was leaving that life behind. <grin> Ah frag it, should be fun.


I will admit, I was expecting to return the reagents to the talismonger, although, I suppose Toothless might have been that talismonger. Hopefully these kids can do some good with my help.