Hundred Year Hunt

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Hundred Year Hunt
Part of The Crow of Seattle
LocationFort Lewis
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Knight Errant
Alyona Khilkov
Killian, Killian's Daughter, Knight-Errant AA Security
Casualties and losses
None Killian, a dram of orichalcum and innocent guards.
This run was an initiation ordeal.


Charon murders a retired soldier who was just enjoying a quiet life with his family and struggling with arthritis. His daughter's probably going on a revenge quest now. Funny how that works.


In 2011, Charon was assaulted and hospitalized by a group of scum taking advantage of the riots and chaos. She's kept a kill list ever since, but she's begun finding more success thanks to Agamemnon's connections.

The Meet

Agamemnon calls Charon again, having found one of Charon's targets for murder. This time, it's a man she only remembers as Killian, plus a bit more extra information that she got from Garik's corpse in her last hit job. He apparently has refined a dram of orichalcum over a long career in the UCAS military and runs under a UCAS SIN of Frank Horrigan nowadays. Charon calls up an inside job in ShadowHaven. Three other runners answer the call and visit her penthouse in Yarrow Point, being served proper champagne by zombie butlers as she goes through what information she does have.

The Plan

While Charon's no good at legwork, Sp4rks and Glamor are worth their weight in gold, visiting the target both through the astral and Matrix. Sp4rks finds blueprints and possible hints of security while Glamor finds there to be an explorer, mana barriers and a few spirits around. Sp4rks also gets dump shocked by a very angry technospider. Ow.

The Run

Sp4rks hacks the SIN scanners both on the border between Ft. Lewis and Loveland as well as at the entrance to the gated community where Killian lives, almost screwing up at the gates as the security seems to have caught onto their antics. By the luck of the draw and very quick thinking on the team's part, they managed to get past without raising alarms. Charon and Glamor start approaching the mansion while Sp4rks and Taiga stay in the car in case anything goes wrong. The technomancer, Killian's daughter opens the door and accepts the faux pizza delivery in confusion, not able to figure out where the delivery came from before Charon impatiently shatters her sternum and knocks her out in a single punch. The Castle Guard protocol activates and a tracked drone begins deploying as Charon charges in and breaches into the bedroom to find Killian just waking up and grabbing his sword cane. Radiating with horrifying vampiric power, she turns into an astral beacon of power and prepares to murder her hated target, who seems to have accepted his fate. Though he tries to counterstrike and go down fighting, his ribcage turns into a vented mess of gore as Charon punches through him and rips him apart, drawing YOU'RE NEXT on the wall once again. The guard drone falls to its side and fires wildly, being taken down quickly.

Glamor summons a fire spirit of hers, Burnie Sanders, who begins looking for a safe with the two and eventually bumps into the right painting, hiding the safe with the dram of orichalcum within. Sp4rks connects to it through a data tap, opens the safe and lets Charon pocket the vial before they start a furious extraction. The explorer, astral security of Knight Errant arrives and tries stopping the attackers with two air spirits, but Glamor's astral barriers and Charon's furious punching helps them get past without much harassment.

Sp4rks hacks the gates open and gives them a clear exfiltration onto Corf, a free spirit stopping by to accept a little drop of juicy orichalcum before speeding along a leyline and taking the team the hell out of there. Oh, Burnie gets a drop of orichalcum, too. He's a good lad.


Agamemnon's surprised to see that they return mostly unmolested and pays for the orichalcum enough to give the team some money as well. Charon splits it evenly, though lets Agamemnon keep her share. After this, she looks into improving her talking skills further, improving her adept socialite skills more than before.


  • Initiate Grade 4 for Charon: Fae-Touched
  • 14,000 Nuyen
  • 4 Karma
  • 2 CDP
  • Optional Contact: Corf, 1/1 Mine Cart
  • For Charon: +1 Loyalty with Agamemnon.

Charon's After Action Report

"I feel like his kid's gonna come after me sooner or later. I don't blame her. If I were her, I would as well. I don't really regret what I did despite that. If she ends up catching up to me, I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. I have to admit that I'm grateful for the Haven's help on this one. That would've been a rough one, flying solo. Now, it was a clear shot and one step closer to getting a clean streak. A list without targets... wouldn't that be a sight? Oh, well. I'll see Killian in hell, I'm sure he'll be waiting for me. Fucking asshole."


I'm not sure what this guy did to be the target of such violence, but Charon really destroyed him. She was reckless... At least I got to flex on some spirits and become best friends with a mine cart!