Hurricane vs Nightshade

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Hurricane vs Nightshade
LocationDowntown & Touristville, Seattle
Factions Involved
Mystery Backer, Nightshade George Ohiyesah, The Hurricane
Casualties and losses
Nightshade's PABL License Hurricane's edge RIP


Nightshade fought against Hurricane in the annual PABL tournament and lost far too quickly and embarrassingly. His bull tactics had reached the limit of what he was capable of and he wasn't smart enough to think of a better plan. Then someone got in contact with him with an appointment to a local street doc and a rematch fight with Hurricane all prepped for him, with the promise he could kill Hurricane if he won, but if he lost, he would never be able to fight PABL again. Nightshade agreed with a thought.


Hurricane was about a week out from his fight when he got a voice message from an unknown commcode, someone who he believed to be Nightshade over the line. "Hey Stormy, I got a surprise for you. Better watch yourself when you go out. When Hurricane heard this and other messages taunting him, Hurricane got frustrated and needed to leave the gym to cool his jets and get some air.


Hurricane heads to the Daze to clear his head, where he runs into T-Bone and Eli Johnson having a drink together. T-Bone introduces the two of them to each other, eager to have Eli meet more people because he thinks that Eli is such a great guy. Hurricane was coming in pissed, but the natural non-violent aura around Eli helped calm Hurricane down. Eli encouraged him to be an inspiration to the children of the Barrens who otherwise look to the gangers and syndicates. The two of them left, Hurricane feeling lighter. As he stepped out of the Daze, he spotted a group of gangers with their faces covered holding bats and a pipe, waiting to ambush Hurricane. He quickly took care of them, despite being outnumbered.

He grabbed one of them, only to find out that they knew very little, and knocked him out as he left for good measure because he insulted Hurricane as Hurricane left. As Hurricane walked back into the gym, refreshed, George was going over new exhibition trids of Nightshade that were just released to the press. Nightshade seemed his normal self, but at one point, there seemed to be a switch go off and he got faster, stronger and beat the tar out of his opponent. George was worried for Hurricane and reminded him to keep his cool out there.

The next three days are spent cooling his head and preparing for the fight. Nightshade comes into the ring to this wearing a black hood, while Hurricane comes in to the ring. The announcer calls them in and the two face off, not breaking eyes with each other. Nightshade taunts Hurricane some at the beginning of the fight, not wanting to get hit right away as Hurricane charges in to knock his lights out. Neither is able to find purchase until Hurricane lands a solid blow onto Nightshade and then suddenly there is a switch. He gets much stronger and bigger and comes rushing at Hurricane in a craze, seemingly brushing off all the damage from previously. Hurricane knows this is the same turning point from the trids, and feels it as he takes a heavy punch to the gut, as Nightshade seems to be going in to kill him, as his ribs snap and start to stab into his lungs. Hurricane manages to land another strong blow onto Nightshade, but not enough to knock him down. Nightshade rushes, focusing only on attacking and fires off a canon of an attack. It all seems lost as it looks like Hurricane is going to eat this fist right to the face, maybe shattering part of his skull when he turns his head to the side, dodging it by the skin of his teeth. Hurricane crotches, and slams into Nightshade with a huge uppercut, making Nightshade stumble. Hurricane then lays into him over and over; hook, straight, hook, uppercut, with a final backhand sending the huge orc to the ropes, which seem to support him for one second before the top rope snaps, and breaks away as Nightshade goes tumbling out of the ring. Hurricane has won.


Nightshade was found to have an internal release chemgland with kami which disqualifies him from the PABL. Hurricane talks to reporters about how using illegal drugs is bad, and any cheater that wants to take him on is welcome to, he will defend his ring and he will defend his title. He has a quiet conversation with George where George warns him that he knows how dangerous that fight was and it's fights like these and all the other drek that Hurricane has been doing lately that worries him. He wants the best for Hurricane and that can't happen if he is dead. Hurricane greets and thanks John and T-Bone for coming to the match, signs an autograph for Michael Wilford, and goes and enjoys a nice dinner with George.

Nightshade's back is still unknown and Hurricane's Ares promoter seems to be pleased with the fight.


10k Nuyen and 9 Karma

Player Characters


Nightshade, god I hate him. George had me workin’ like a fraggin’ slave, but not that fast drek he normally got me doin’. We were goin’ slow and steady - Nightshade is a strong fighter, I needed to be a smart fighter. Got too many fraggin’ calls this week about loud mouthed fatasses sittin’ at home watching trids tellin’ me I was goin’ down, so George kicked me out and I headed to the Daze.

Hit up T-Bone, met his buddy Eli. Great guy, calmed me down real fraggin’ quick. Headed back to the gym, got jumped by some gangers in mask. Dumb slotters didn’t know who hired ‘em, but I do. Just wanted a confession, didn’t get one. Headed back, George showed me some fraggin’ clips of Nightshade’s last fight. Son of a bitch was doping. Note to self, find new ARES rep - bitch I got is annoying.

Fight rolled around, and as it turns out, a huge trog on Kami fraggin’ hurts. I almost went down, but I taught that waste of space what happens when he cheats in my fraggin’ ring. Buncha people I️ know where there, George talked to️ me in the locker - he doesn’t like me running. Can’t tell him I️ ain’t plan on stopping. We got dinner at a fish joint, I️ got paid. Someone was backing Nightshade, though, and I️ got a good fraggin’ idea who.