I Am Downright Amazed At What I Can Destroy With Just a Hammer by Atom & His Package

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I Am Downright Amazed At What I Can Destroy With Just a Hammer by Atom & His Package
Ice Cube


A johnson wants to get rid a bunch of racist calling themselves the "neirbourhood watch" to build a school for the struggling teenage metahumans.

The Meet

The run consist of Ice cube, Ecstasy and Cryo. The meetup was uneventful.

Meeting Mr Johnson

The runners met with Mr Johnson in a bar called [Name here] which is themed around runner. On the way of going to Mr Johnson location, Cryo got mistaken for one of the workers of the establisment and had to do a quick waiter job.

Meeting the Johnson, the party face, Ectasy start talking. The Johnson told the party that they were working for [ organsazation name ] and is planning on renovating this old building to build a school for struggling metahuman teenager, but a bunch of human calling themselves "The neighborhood Watch". Ice cube who was at the time thought that the humans were ork and made a judgement to say that he would only help if everything was legal which after a talk with his fixer confirms it. The face settled on 10k Nuyen and we headed to the location.

The Run

The plan was Ice cube and Ecstasy scout the area and Cyno scout the location with astral projection and to determine the corse of action after.

Cyno astral project to the location only to be spotted by an awaken. Panic, Cyno decided to mind control the awaken trying to instill fear in them so that they won't blabber to their friends about seing her. At the same time both Ectasy and Ice cube got stopped by one of the "Neighborhood Watch" after seeing Ice ( an ork ) in the car and started harassing him.

After failing to convince the Neighborhood watch not to blabber to the rest, cyno decided to start making them walk into traffic, Ice and Ectasy saw this and decided to cause a distraction by pretending to take something out of his coat, which cause the other Neighborhood watch to draw a gun towards ice.

Ectasy manage to calm the Neighborhood watch and start driving away with cyno leaving right after. The party regroup at a bar and decided what to do next. After a discussion they hatch a plan to black mail [ organzation name ] who are in charge of the neighborhood watch by showing the video of them harassing Ice. Ectasy manage to pull a few strings and manage to black mail [Org name].


After the run Ice decided to sabotage the racist by going to one of their bbq party and throwing a few flashbangs in there.


10k Nuyen , 5 karma, +3 Crusher 495

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

  • Ice Cube -
  • Ecstasy -
  • cyno -