I swear you've never seen anything quite like it. You want it bad but you just don't know it yet

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I swear you've never seen anything quite like it. You want it bad but you just don't know it yet
LocationShiawase Regional Headquarters, Tacoma
Result Data Steal of specialized marketing algorithm
Factions Involved
Rambozo The Clown



The ShadowHaven team successfully infiltrated the Shiawase Regional Headquarters posing as technicians and pulled a copy of the requested marketing algorithm.


Krime wants a copy of a specialized marketing algorithm developed by Shiawase that targets orks.

The Meet

The ShadowHaven team met the troll Johnson at the Big Rhino in the late morning hours. The Johnson was a little busy because he was meeting a number of other teams to discuss other runs at the same time. The Johnson wants us to punch nerds and steal a file from the 42nd floor, but didn't seem to understand what was needed to get the file. He really just wants the file within three days and assumes that punching nerds is needed to get it.

Final offer is 30,000 nuyen for just a copy of the marketing algorithm within three days.

The Legwork

Rambozo checks out local gang and police activity to plot out potential escape routes and purchases blue technician coveralls as a disguise, a Shiawase burner SIN under the name of Suzuki Hideaki and some extra explosions.

Scrabble finds some general information about the Shiawase Regional Headquarters, but nothing specific on the targeted 42nd floor. He is able to enter the Shiawase host and enter a work order for the ShadowHaven team to enter the facility as technicians under their burner IDs to fix/install a new printer. He also purchases blue technician coveralls as a disguise, a Shiawase burner SIN under the name of Fukaya Kenji, a big toolbag and some packs of electronics parts as camouflage in the teams' bags.

Scrabble also finds the name of a minor anime clown character named Periwinkle that he could say that Rambozo is cosplaying. Rambozo insists on calling him Peri Wink Wink.

The Plan

The ShadowHaven team is simply walking into the Shiawase Regional Headquarters posing as corporate technicians to work on a printer on the 42nd floor.


The team lucked out and arrived at the same time as a commuter bus, so they were waved inside without incident. There was an older gentleman who questioned Rambozo's makeup, but Scrabble passed it off (somewhat) that Rambozo was a cosplay fan of Periwinkle. The gentleman was still a bit perturbed, but assumed Rambozo was from a lesser faction. Since the exchange occurred in Japanese, Rambozo didn't understand what was being said.

On the 42nd floor, the floor manager was a little disturbed because he didn't remember a work order going in, but he relented with the proof of paperwork and a promise of a new printer coming in. He waved them into the printer corral.


The ShadowHaven team opened up the printers and Scrabble tapped into one as a jackpoint for the hack. He copied the requested marketing algorithm and also modified the work order to bring in a new printer for the floor manager.


The ShadowHaven were fashioning flush-able explosives to go down the toilets as cover for their escape when the floor was called for group calisthenics. The pair went along with the group and Rambozo heroically kept it together. Discretion was decided to be the better part of valor at that point and the ShadowHaven team simply packed up and left the building as quiet little salary men.

Sadly, no nerds were punched.

The Run

Since Rambozo was really looking forward to punching some nerds on this run and it just went too quietly, Rambozo and Scrabble went to The Throwback Arcade where you need old-fashioned quarters to play the antique games. Rambozo had lots of fun beating down nerds and shaking the quarters out of their pants while Scrabble kept them from playing any tricks on our classic clown.

Sadly, Rambozo also shot up shot up standing antiques of "Operation: Wolf," "Duck Hunt," and "Rampage" with his Ares Alpha. He mistook the input devices.


Krime now has a copy of Shiawase's specially targeted marketing algorithm.

God help us all.


  • 2 Karma
  • 30,000 Nuyen
  • Rambozo has a one-time remote detonator now (cobbled together from a burner commlink by Scrabble).
  • The Shiawase floor manager is getting a new printer.

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

  • Rambozo -
  • Scrabble -