Intermittent Blue Line

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Intermittent Blue Line
Result Successfully investigated and put a stop the racially targeted murders
Factions Involved
Mister Sarcarian
Humanis Knight Errant
Commanders and leaders
Rebbeca Montez
Casualties and losses
1 Black mage humanis guy, 3 Street scum


Rebbeca Montez a KE officer hires the runners to investigate a certain matter. For some reason, the trog suicide rate in Touristville is unusually high this month, and the violence between trogs is also higher than usual, as are the number of Suicide-By-Cop incidents featuring Trogs. Rebbeca's instinct says it's more than just gang violence, but she doesn't know what. Her department isn't willing to throw resources at it. She turns to the shadows, and asks the runners to help her investigate.


At Vice and Virtue 24 Hour Espresso Bar, Touristville, around 7am


The runners discover the suicides are in fact murders caused by a black mage using mind magic to force the trogs to kill themselves.


The runners ended the threat and prevented further panic amidst the trog population.


2000 nuyen, 2 karma., 1 SC Rebbeca Montez as a contact

Player Characters



WFTM 2 karma to 4000 nuyen


Mister Sarcarian

WFTP 2000 nuyen to 1 karma

"It's always so clear when humanis has their dirty hands in the cookie dough, the smell they leave behind is like no other. This run was one of those, ork and troll sucide rates had been sky rocketing for no reason for the past week with no clear evidence why. We agreed to help Rebbeca handle the situation and sprang into work. We started with the crime scene, see if Rebbeca had missed anything but sadly we didnt find anything to point us in a clear direction. Well past that it seemed magic had been involved, thats when i began already suspecting the scum of the earth that humanis is but we did not know who did it or where they were so we contiuned on. We then went to a local soup kitchen for the poor sods living on the street and began asking around, we got some leads and whatnot. But as we were leaving a human who looked suspecious as all hell had been stalking the place ever since we entered, he left shortly after we came out and went to a close multi story garage complex. We decided that it was time to polish our agile bodies and began stalking after him, then we found him talking to some friends. Seems one of them were a Mage who had been forcing his victims to kill themself through mind magic, what a fitting image for humanis scum. We dealt with them before any of them got a chance to fight back and then we called Rebbeca so she could come pick up her live offenders of the law. After that we got paid and went our merry ways"