It's High Noon

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It's High Noon
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Lone Star
Captain Boomerang
Heartless bastards run


Captain Boomerang, Shimmer and Mystique swap out some capsule rounds for depleted uranium in a gunslinger tournament to hurt the contestant that got the Johnson eliminated in an earlier round.


The Wild West Barrens Showdown at High Noon is a paintball gunslinger tournament in Touristville.

The Meet

The runners meet up with the Johnson at Runner Bar 16. After being shown to the meeting room by the bartender who clearly needs a new job, the Johnson tells them they need to swap out the ammo in the gun of one contestant, Mickey the Kid. When Mystique is negotiating for higher pay, it is made clear that the Johnson is rather incompetent and probably posing.

The Plan

The final plan was to hold up Mickey the Kid when he goes to get his gun, so his opponent, Leon "Wild Hog" Kelly, takes one gun, the swap the ammo out in the other gun. Then, during the confusion after Leon is shot, put up some illusions and have Shimmer crack the safe.

The Run

The team makes a matrix search to get more information about the tournament. It turns out that the Johnson was taking part in an earlier round, and was called eliminated even though he actually hit his opponent first. They also notice that Mickey the Kid's opponent for this match, Leon "Wild Hog" Kelly, was the Johnson's opponent when the Johnson got eliminated. The team decides to check the site out the day before the tournament to get a lay of the land. A Lone Star cop guarding the site checks their SINs and lets them inside. Mystique casts improved invisibility and stealth on Shimmer, and she heads off to the area the event will be held in to investigate. There is a building labeled "Town Bank" with a few workers outside of it, one of them complaining very loudly about issues with late shipments, who Shimmer is easily able to sneak by. Inside the building, she finds it is done up like a saloon inside, contrary to how it was labeled. There is a large prop safe inside, and under the bar are two boxes, one with two very fancy Savalette Guardians and the other with ammo for said pistols. Shimmer checks the basement, and notices there are bolts in the cieling which correspond to where the safe is located on the floor above. Mystique casts incubus on herself and approaches the worker who was complaining earlier. He sees her as his supervisor, and she asks him about the issues with the shipments. She learns that the gold isn't coming until the day of, and sends him home.

The next day, the team comes back for the actual tournament. Mystique disguises herself as an over the top carnival performer, and bribes the team's way inside two hours early. Captain Boomerang summons an earth spirit to locate the gold for him, then an air spirit to find the guns and ammo. He finds out that the gold is now in the safe and the guns are in the same place under the bar they were yesterday. He then summons a beefier air spirit to give everyone on the team concealment. As the event winds up, Captain Boomerang spots Mickey the Kid in the crowd, and Shimmer almost gets caught trying to pin a micro camera to him so the team can keep track of his location. The team settles their plan at the matches start. Mystique stops Mickey the Kid at the door as he heads inside the saloon to pick up his gun for his match. Meanwhile, Captain Boomerang distracts the bartender, who is handling readying the guns for the contestants, so Shimmer can swap out Mickey's gun's clip. At this task Shimmer fails miserably. Captain Boomerang starts a bar fight to keep the guard distracted.

(Tek has requested I note here that it was at this point that he lost control of the game.)

He throws his glass at some unsuspecting patron and for it gets tasered by the bartender while Shimmer, successfully this time, swaps out the gun's magazine. Two Lone Star cops show up in the saloon to beat up Captain Boomerang, so he gets his air spirit to increase his speed and get the hell out of dodge. He escapes through the back door and hops the fence, losing the cops. Having lost him, the Lone Star cops content themselves with beating up some unsuspecting orc. Mickey takes the gun with the swapped bullets and in his match shoots Leon, which ends the match early. Not knowing what was happening, the event managers chalk it up to misused protective gear, and the tournament continues as normal. Mistique puts up a trid phantasm in front of the safe before casting improved invisibility on it, letting Shimmer crack it without anyone noticing. Shimmer does, and inside finds four bags of gold. She transfers all the gold into one bag, casts improved invisibility on it and takes off with it through the back door.


Leon Kelly is shot and probably developing cancer near the bullet wound, the tournament is left prizeless and some poor orc, who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, gets beaten up by Lone Star.


24,000 nuyen

1 karma

2 cdp

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


We... probably made this more difficult than it really needed to be, though mostly because I messed up switching the bullets the first time. Cracking open the safe was fun though! Don't want to think about what happened to the guy who got shot, hopefully they realized what happened early enough so they can treat him...

Captain Boomerang

I'm most upset about having to waste that whiskey on starting that fight. It was a damn fine whiskey, actually. But, hey, I'll buy a few bottles after we cash in on the gold. We worked good as a team. Everyone worked together and backup plans made up for when a basic plan went off the rails. And, hey, I got to start a bar fight and ruin some LS officers' day. Win-Win. Well, 'cept the guy who got his face smashed by that whiskey glass.... I made sure to only knock him out though.


That was the most fun I've had in awhile not only was I given free rein on my illusion magic I also got to watch and antagonize a bar fight AND steal gold for an extra side pay, when's the next event?