Runner Bar 16

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Runner Bar 16
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Runner Bar 16 is a Shadowrunner poser bar designed for rich corp kids who are slumming it in Touristville. It is in essence a bar aimed towards rich types who want to pretend to be dangerous Shadowrunners like they see on the trids. Much like the trids, the whole place makes a mockery of the profession, and is usually described as being cringeworthy by real runners. It is mostly frequented by rich corp kids, many of whom dress up in costume.

The bartenders are trained to act like they are intimidated by patrons, or if they are regulars, play them up as if they have a reputation. However, towards the end of a long shift, the bartender tend to get tired and barely go through the motions with a complete lack of enthusiasm.

The design of the bar uses multiple floor to ceiling length dividers to create as many dark corners as possible, as dark corner booths tend to be favored by the cosplaying patrons.

Distinctive Features


The bouncer is a fairly buff Orc who checks everyone for weapons upon entry. The entryway has an R3 MAD scanner. Contrary to the norms, this is to confirm that patrons are abiding by the required dress code. Anyone not carrying a weapon of some sort is required to carry a loaner weapon, as chosen by the bouncer. He has a tendency to offer embarrassingly small or awkwardly large weapons to trolls or humans.

"Johnson Rooms"

Private rooms can be rented out in 15 minute blocks for "Johnson Meets". Patrons can rent these rooms out and invite other parties to come join them. It is not uncommon for "Jobs" to be arranged in these rooms, usually something either simple such as asking to steal a shot glass from another bar, or outright impossible such as asking to steal a state of the art fighter jet from Fort Lewis, depending on how drunk everyone involved is.

Noteworthy Patrons

Chet AwesomeLaser

After the events of A Real Shadowrunner, Chet decided he was really into this Shadowrunner lifestyle, and he did have a girl to impress to keep the con going. He is now a regular at Runner Bar 16, often bringing his girlfriend along. He quickly established himself in a small group of regulars and earned their respect with the best gun anyone there had- an Ares Redline. He's very proud of his runner name, a reference to both his real name being Chet, and him owning an awesome laser.

IC Information

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 "Come to Runner Bar 16, the choice Shadowrunner bar in Touristville"
3 A Shadowrunner poser bar. Cosplay and roleplaying is encouraged, and occasionally special events are held centered around the theme.
6 It's pretty clear that none of what's going on here is even slightly real. But it's good enough for the rich kids. the bar itself is owned by some Horizon executive who appears to have forgotten they bought the place.

Area Knowledge: Seattle Table

Threshold Result
1 Presumably a bar that is frequented by runners. There may be at least 15 more of them?
3 Located in Touristville. There are not more of them. Nobody is sure why the 16 is there. Seems to get a lot of tourist attention.
5 Real runners don't go here. It's all just rich brats playing games.

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