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LocationRunner Bar 16
Factions Involved
John from IT


John From IT, needs to find out if his kid was in a gang, and to get him out of the gang.


John kid was one of the people present in the runnerbar16 scout when investigating neohaven.

The Meet

The Johnson, being John. Set up a meet at the daze. He agree to pay them each 3k and that he wanted the pair to be a support for him when he talk to his kid.

The Plan

Go meet the kid and investigate if he is in a gang.

The Run

The run started with all of them rushing to John's ex house. This is due of John lack of timing and having to pick his kid up in 30m. With Twitch great rigging skill they manage to reach there early by 10 minute. John knock on the door and a couple moment later Alex, John's ex opens it. Alex told John that their son is hanging out with his friends and he doesn't know where their son are. John understands and before leaving, he told Alex "I love you" while finger gunning away. Alex closes the door immediately.

The runner decided the best lead where his son could be is runnerbar16. Twitch decides to sent his drones ahead to scout, and k9 decides to go off alone while John stays in the van. They found John's son (Toby), hanging out with 4 other people. Most of them his age except for one who is a little bit older than the rest. Twitch spot that the adult seems to have a Neohaven tattoo on them. The adult decided that Toby and his friends need to rob a nearby stuffershack to initiate into the gang.

The runner quicky derive a plan to follow them, and to scare them straight and make John look like a hero. So they set up. K9 resting on a rooftop opposite to the shutter shack, twitch setting up sprites and John disabling his son sin and the security camera so he wouldn't get caught.

When the time came for Toby to rob the place, K9 place a well aim shot to the adult's neck. Causing him to be knock out immediately. The sound of the bullet alreated the entire neirbourhood and it wasn't helped by the fact that Twitch sent a few of his drones to fire bullets near them too. Toby start to panic, and John decide it was best to text him. Seeing the text Toby immediately asked John for help. Seeing this Twitch bricks Toby's commlink so he can't call anyone else.

John arrives at the scene later and find Toby in a bush. He invites him into the van where they had a silent car ride back to Alex's house.


John kid was scared straight, and seem a bit shaken from the whole ordeal.


9 karma to John

3k nuyen and 6 karma to k9 and twitch

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Hey, thanks again for doing this for me.


I told you I was good shot.


I'm glad we were there when we were. Any other time and who knows what would have happened to Toby! Another good, clean job, the kind I like. I don't even think that Neo-Haven guy has any clue what happened or that the Haven was involved, so, bonus points!