Circus of Crime

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This metaplot deals with the events which unravel around the Malini Circus of Wonder, led by Max Malini


Malini Circus of Wonder

The Malini Circus of Wonder is a front organization for a criminal enterprise of thieves and smugglers. The circus travels from place to place, puts on a show, and uses their exceptional and unorthodox skillsets to walk away with some missing goods after they leave town.


  • Acquire wealth
  • Do not get caught, or implicate the rest of the Circus


  • The circus is full of individuals who have a wide range of skills, most of which are adapted from circus performances to suit various unorthodox methods of stealing high value goods. to be smuggled out of town or fenced.

Known Members

Max Malini
Gregor The Great

Gregor is a human male, average size but very lanky and thin. He is a Russian escape artist and contortionist. Gregor is an Apprentice Mage, capable of casting illusions and summoning Spirits of Man. Gregor is an especially paranoid individual, but manages this with medication. He has an uncanny ability to get out of (or into) pretty much anywhere. And, when he is in his right state of mind, usually without being seen.

He is still wanted for questioning over a robbery 4 years ago, but KE is not actively looking for him.

Knight Errant

KE is vaguely suspicious about the circus, as there is a spike in thefts every time they show up, but this may be correlation rather than causation.


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