Route 66: A Prologue to Like Mad Max But With More Guns, First Rule of Drive Club Everybody Talk About Drive Club

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Route 66: A Prologue to Like Mad Max But With More Guns, First Rule of Drive Club Everybody Talk About Drive Club
Part of Like mad max but more guns
GMDoc McGuffins
Knight Errant


Fixer Message Incoming

I can't believe this guy! He says he wants to hire a bunch of Runners to distribute pamphlets for an event... Whatever, take the job and make yourself some easy money I guess if you want.


The runners were hired to spam pamphlets and advertisements to the City of Seattle, Tacoma, and the Barrens

The Meet

The crew arrived at a high class Restaurant named Rose Bud. There the Johnson had them order food and sit down to talk about the run in question. His mission for them was to spread paper AR pamphlets around the areas of Seattle, Tacoma, and the Barrens. He said he'd pay them 12k nuyen and 2k more if they could get it on the news. Be flashy he said. Setback interjected and said if their integrity is to be broadcasted they need more pay in which they settled on the bonus being 4k instead.

The Plan

Cause a panic and rouse the police Knight Errant by burning out in their parking lot. Meanwhile Neko was to spam local clubs and bars with AR ad spam.

The Run

Neko quickly spammed local bars including The Daze, Runner Bar 16, and E-Wasted with the ad. Meanwhile, the rest of the team in Tanuki's 'nuki Mobile. Drove to the parking lot of Knight Errant Headquarters. Along the way, Setback twisted the arm of a Shiawase Corp member to record and broadcast the run and Tanuki called up Mr. Pitty McShane to have his boys help distrubute the pamphlets in the Tacoma Barrens area.

Arriving at the KE Headquarters, Tanuki proceeded to do Donuts in the parking lot and Setback peppered the cops with a pepper punch grenade. Thoroughly gaining the attention of 3 KE patrol officers it was started. Sobek, Conjured an Air spirit to help and the chase was under way. KE called in a Chopper unit immediately and immediately Setback put the Chopper into critical state in which it ducked behind the building to hide from the sniper. Tanuki dipped and dove through traffic to keep KE at a distance. Setback put another shot into the engine block of one the patrol cars and Sobek caused the other to have a fatal accident with oncoming traffic. The third KE Patrol officer found himself in dire straits as Setback shot out his window and landed a Pepper punch Grenade into the Cabin of his car. All that was left was the Chopper, Setback wasn't about to let it get away too. They quickly cornered around to where the Chopper was last seen only to notice the Machine gun on the chopper was spinning up, before it could get off more than one shot Setback landed a killing blow to the chopper making it crash into the ground. Thankfully, the chopper was at a low altitude. Oh yeah. Not to mention the group was tossing flyers out of the car the entire time.

After settling things with KE quickly, the group decided to go get some Taco Temple and continue distributing the flyers. They were spotted by another KE patrol car, in which Setback took a pot shot at the engine block. The patrol quickly spun around and left the scene.


News Article: AR paper rain upon the streets


16k Nuyen, 1 Karma, -2 Rep KE, +1 PA (2 Tanuki), 2 CDP

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Setback: It was a lot of fun shooting out that cop car's windshield so I could pepper punch them! Also I crashed my first helicopter! :D