The Hangover

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The Hangover
LocationRunner 16, Some side street, some hotel in Bellevue
Factions Involved


Good intention Johnson wants his friend to experience the runner's life for this birthday, and drugs. Lots of drugs.


Johnson contacted Shadowhaven to hire five runners that were interested in celebrating his friend's birthday and were more accepting of unhealthy amounts of drug usage, and were not party poopers.

The Meet

Shadowhaven team gathered at the bar, Runner Bar 16 in Redmond, were upon Nomad was confronted by a dwarf fan boy who assumed that Nomad was a Spikes poser. Nomad failed to wordlessly express to the dwarf how erroneous his assumption was, so tossed said dwarf onto a nearby table. Runner team then proceeded to the bar where they were directed to where the Johnson was waiting. The Johnson wore the attire of all Johnsons, but the meeting location was in the party area. Johnson reiterated what was said in the job request and provided the runners with one dosage of whatever drug they desired. Nomad took a betameth and immediately smoked it. Desdinova took a cram and immediately consumed it. Blue and Poppet took psyche and jazz respectively, but neither consumed their drugs.

The Plan

The plan was to consume a healthy amount of drugs with the birthday boy and then take him on an easy run.

The Run

An easy run was acquired through Fenris' fixer, Madam Butterfly which was to break up a drug deal. Blue, knowing the birthday boy liked runners, returned home to retrieve his full body armor. Blue returned prior to the birthday boy arriving, and around the same time of Nomad's betameth crash. Upon the birthday boys arrival a toast was made and everyone had to drink. All the runners bar Poppet drank without hesitation. Poppet was against the idea of drinking but was easily persuaded with a small sum of an additional 2,000 NuYen. Moments after the drinking the runners forget the proceeding events.

The runners come too in a high quality hotel somewhere in Bellevue without birthday boy. Desdinova is completely unconscious due to multiple crashes and drug uses. In an attempt to depart they run across a pair of DEA agents and immediately retreat back into their room. It is at this point Poppet decides to take a shower and discovers a body of one of the house keeping within it. The signs of strangulation bruises match the hands of Nomad, so now the runners must dispose of the body less all relevant SINs get burned. After much debate and planning Fenris simply walks out with Poppet with popping getting off at the main lobby to buy time for the runners while Fenris heads down to the parking garage to find the Van that image link revealed to the group was the drug van that they stole from the drug bust run. Poppet proceeds to the main desk, talk the receptionist's ear off as she attempts to call the dead house keeping staff's commlink. When that fails she vomits all over the front desk. Fenris finds that the van has been raided by KE and two parked KE cruisers.

Meanwhile Nomad, and Blue figure out a way to carry both Desdinova and the dead house keeper out of the hotel without drawing attention. They end up going with the plan of calling their vehicles to them wirelessly, putting the dead person in Blue's armor, and then carrying both the dead man and Desdinova out. Before this plan can be executed though Nomad crashes off his Aisa at this point and falls unconscious. Through some means a slap patch was acquired and used on Nomad so that they could execute their plan. During this time Poppet called her own scooter and exfiled. This was all made possible by Fenris creating a distraction by stealing one of the KE cars and driving it back to Redmond. The KE car was given to a random group of Go-Gangers upon her decision she had made it away safely.

The body of the dead house keeping staff was stripped naked of Blue's armor and then dumped into a dark alley somewhere in Redmond.


All but Fenris returned to Runner 16 where they found the birthday boy, were congratulated by the Johnson and birthday boy for an outstanding experience, and were given a rundown of what actually happened. It was revealed that the drinks were spiked with Hurlg, Aisa, and some other drug which made the runners incredibly angry. They stuck to the plan though and upon breaking up the drug deal and killing the a few people involved, they made off to a hotel room, with said drugs, did said drugs, only to release said drugs were an altered form of Leas. After said drugs were done birthday boy called a cab and headed back to the bar.


2k NuYen (4k for Poppet)

8 karma or 2 karma and Drug Tolerant quality


Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Ughhh, my head hurts even from just typing this...Anyway the job was just to go and entertain this kid for his birthday in Runner bar 16, bunch of kids playing pretend. So this one dwarf comes up to Nomad and he just suplexes him into the table. "The Johnson" does this super-villain voice, and I cannot contain my laugh, he offers us bit of drugs, I take bit of cram and Nomad takes betameth. Party boy comes we take Aisa and Hurlg. Hurlg! Who drinks hurlg? He spiced our drinks with something else too. After that I don't remember much.


Heh, I got extra pay. On the other hand, those little shits got me blasted on hurlg, and it sucks we were so lost for the parts that we can remember. Free drugs are a red flag, honestly. That drekhead in Tacoma and now this "Johnson", I'm going to at least try to keep my using to my own drugs.