It Belongs in a Museum

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It Belongs in a Museum
Part of The Cutter's Curator
Status Threat Level: Low
Factions Involved
Professor Simeon Jones
The Cutters
Ice Cube


Runners go and collect 5th world tech for a small cultural museum in Snohomish.


Professor Jones gets a tip on the location of a ganger hideout being used to store 5th world tech. He'd like Runners to go retrieve the mistreated tech for his museum.

The Meet

The Johnson asks the Runners to retrieve some 5th world tech from gangers in Redmond for his museum. He offers 10,000 nuyen but is negotiated to 11k by Catseye.

The Plan

Stake out for the correct building, get on the roof, and drop neurostun into the vents of the Ganger hideout. Knock everyone out and loot the tech.

The Run

Roadie and Catseye use their Fly-spies to scout out the two Ganger hideouts and locate the tech. Rasputin and Ice Cube grappel up to the roof and drop neurostun into the vents, knocking everyone out inside and looting the tech. They then got back in Roadie's Roadmaster and cruised away with nobody knowing they were there.


Johnson aquired many new pieces of technology for his museum.


- 10k nuyen

- 4 karma (Roadie: 9 WFTP)

- 1k nuyen from negotiating

- 2 CDP.

- Everyone gets an old Switch + MANY pirated games

- Catseye gets a dead tamigochi and a 5th world plastic box

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I has box, I has games. Today is good day.


Overall a very clean operation. With Catseye and Roadie's drones giving us an idea of the property, Ice Cube's expertise with 5th world tech, and my neurostun, we got in and out quick and quiet.


It was a simple job, no one got hurt, the professor was happy and we got some interesting retro games as a bonus.