June Sano

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June Sano
Psionic Instructor and Parazoologist
Contact OwnerKastomere
Public Contact?Yes
LocationSeattle, Auburn
Preferred Payment MethodNuyen or Paracritters
Personal LifeSingle
Master Conjurer


June Sano is the owner and head instructor of Open Mind Chambers, a private group for the pursuit of mastery of psionic abilities. For a fee, she teaches psionicists to harness the full potential of their minds, from manifesting personas from their subconscious to exploring the collective consciousness of metahumanity. Being a full fledged "mage" means she is well suited to teaching a wide variety of awakened pupils. In addition, she collects and studies paracritters in her free time. Her current menagerie includes two hellhounds, a barghest, and a cockatrice.


Born in 2045, June Sano took strongly after her Japanese father, who was a member of the Shigeda-gumi. He died during the clan’s war with the Seoulpa Ring, when June was 17. This left June and her mother in a difficult situation, as June’s mother was SINless, and June didn’t have a legal, reliable way to support them both, which became even more difficult when her mother fell ill with a chronic neurodegenerative disease. She took up odd jobs of increasing illegality to make ends meet and take care of her mother, and when she Awakened as a Shinto mage at the start of 2063, she took to actual shadowrunning, using some of her father’s old contacts to pick up work.

In 2064, June decided to join the recently formed Kenran Kai in order to secure more consistent, hopefully less dangerous work. Being Awakened and the daughter of a Yakuza member, she was accepted as a komon. Around the same time, she began her hobby of taming paracritters, starting with a hellhound she called Joy. In both these things she worked diligently, and any time she had the opportunity she would practice her abilities, determined not to end up like her father. Through her dedication, she quickly became a phenomenal conjurer as well as a skilled animal tamer.

As time passed, she became more cynical and disillusioned as a result of her work, and in 2069 she underwent a paradigm shift to the psionic tradition. Two years later, her mother passed away. With no more reason to remain, she asked permission from her oyabun to leave and pursue a legal lifestyle, which she obtains with the caveat that she must remain useful to the clan as an associate, leasing spirits when requested and providing favors. While she would have preferred a clean break, she knew better than to push her luck. She used her savings to go to Seattle University for a degree in parazoology, wanting the chance to interact with more exotic paracritters than hellhounds and barghests.

In 2075, she graduated and started a private class for psionics, Open Mind Chambers in Auburn. Since that time, she’s occasionally met and helped people in the shadows in order to expand her collection of paracritters, in addition to offering them her services as a tutor of the psionic art.

Aspects Description

Aspect Description
Psionic Well acquainted with other psions through her school and exceedingly skilled with her own talent, applies to any test involving psionic knowledge, acquiring psionic gear, or knowing another psion.
Scholarly Very active in scholarly circles, being both a private teacher and a parazoologist, she gains this bonus to any test involving academic circles, procuring obscure scholarly materials, and performing research.
Yakuza Having spent seven years as a komon, she's familiar with the Kenran Kai and the various enterprises they run. While she's no longer an active member, she has good standing with the clan and provides favors and, occasionally, animals to them. Applies to rolls regarding the Kenran Kai, and possibly other clans with GM approval.
Parazoologist She has an acute interest in paracritters, having contributed to more than a few research papers on the subject during her time at Seattle University. As such she's generally a reliable source for information on paracritters, and even knows a few exotic vendors who can acquire critters discreetly.
Master Conjurer Though June is a full-fledged psion, she dedicated most of her training to manifesting the subconscious personas that so-called ‘mages’ refer to as spirits. She is extremely familiar with the process and can instruct others in its practice. Applies to any roll regarding the summoning of spirits, crafting or finding spirit formulae, or knowing about more esoteric spirits (though she’ll likely explain any information like a psionicist).


Knowledge Checks 12 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Active Checks 8 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Gear Acquisition Checks 2 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Networking Checks 4 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety


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