Kani's Accidental Metaplane Vacation

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Kani's Accidental Metaplane Vacation
LocationThe Metaplanes
Factions Involved


Kani accidentally finds herself in the metaplanes after taking some Shade.


Trash Panda has been warming up to Kani after their run together, and offered to help teach her how to better fight astral threats. Trash Panda comes over to visit and does what she can to try and start training Kani (something she is woefully unprepared for), and determines that Kani's problem is she is too focused on the physical, and may benefit from trying without her body. Kani is offered some Shade, and accidentally stumbles outside of our plane, and crosses the threshold to the metaplanes.

The Run

After taking the Shade, Kani finds herself briefly outside of her body, but before Trash Panda can project herself, Kani finds herself slipping away. Everything goes black, and she finds herself in an endless void of nothing. She finds herself there. Literally. Another version of herself, as she was before the infection, is there. She speaks to them- the dweller on the threshold -and is allowed to pass.

Kani then finds herself in Seattle (question mark). Emphasis on the question mark is very necessary, because while it looks like Seattle, everything is a bit different. She sees a man being assaulted by a few Journey Cavalier officers, and realizes she isn't an astral form here. She feels just like she always does. And when she thinks about her gear, she finds it is readily available. Kani wills her shotgun into being, and fights off not-KE. She helps the man who is grateful for the assistance, and he is quick to realize that Kani isn't from there. He suggests she goes down the road until she reaches the state of Jefferson.

Kani begins to do so, and quickly realizes that the more she thinks about where she is going, the more distance each step seems to take her. She's pleased by this, and tries to focus on her destination. She steps forward and finds herself in a deserted road in the desert. A sole, lonely gas station stands there. Kani investigates and finds a man sleeping behind the counter. The man is surprised to have someone here, he hasn't had a customer in over a century because everyone is using electric cars these days, nobody needs gas. They talk and when Kani suggests he find a new job, the man blows her off. After all, if he changed what he did he wouldn't be himself anymore. He'd be something else. And then who is going to be him? Someone has to be him or else nobody would be him. Kani buys a gas station cookie from the man, and the man charges her 1 story.

Kani shares a story from her past, and the man places a bill he wasn't holding a moment ago into the register. He gives Kani her change, which is a coin that contains another story. Kani continues on her way, promising that if she comes back this way, she will visit. She enjoys the cookie and is very happy to discover that because mataplaner bulldrek, she doesn't feel like she is going to throw up. She quite possibly only ate an idea of a cookie.

As she continues, she finds an Eagle picking up a turtle and trying to crack open its shell by dropping it on some rocks. It keeps missing, however. the turtle always landing in the same spot. Kani thinks about which one to help, and as a follower of wolf she resolves to help the predator because circle of life. She moves a rock and helps the Eagle. There is a short conversation of little importance before Kani continues on her way.

Kani eventually realizes she is now in the hallway of an apartment building. She walks down for hours but the numbers never seem to be reaching past 399 or below 301. She eventually is drawn to a disturbance behind a door, and a crying woman comes out. She talks about her boyfriend who got upset at her because she didn't appreciate him losing all of their money gambling. Kani goes in to have a word with him and finds herself in an empty casino, save for one man. The boyfriend is the dealer , and invites Kani to play a game. Kani anties up with the coin she got before, and a game is played. This game used rules Tek just made up on the spot because he can. Kani was dealt a hand of 5 "cards", each representing one of her trained skills. She then put the skill of choice against his skills, and after a hand was played could chose to discard her skill and play a new one, or roll the same skill at a -1.

With a ludicrous amount of luck, Kani wins every hand in spite of being outclassed in several hands. with his opponent having higher dicepools. The dealer is beaten and evaporates, leaving behind a trail to an exit door. Kani steps through and finds herself in the black void again. She speaks with the dweller again, expressing what she has learned from her journey. She then returns to where she originally came from, and is surprised to find no time has passed. She explains everything to Trash Panda, who is distraught and upset for failing to think of this and not being there to help. But, no harm done, the pair go back to training Kani in astral combat.


  • 9 karma
  • 30 Metaplaner poker chips
  • Superfluous thematic justification for putting some karma into her Astral Combat skill.
  • Metaplaner quest justifies Initiation

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