Let's Get Lost

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Let's Get Lost
LocationAll over the City
Factions Involved
Cheshire Cat
Golden Lions Triad


Runners spend 4 hours riding around in a car socializing while the Johnson switches location. When they finally meet up with the Johnson he's under attack leading to a brief scrap.


A Johnson is trying to hire shadowrunners for a secretive job that requires the runners to work with other runner teams.

The Run

The team was picked up individually in a Jeep provided by the Johnson and then was driven around for a few hours as they got more and more inpatient. The driver tried to socialize with them which kept some of them cool. Veil spend his time trying to dig dirt up in the matrix. The Johnson called the driver after 4 hours saying that he needed rescuing. The team showed up and dealt with the threat.


The team told the Johnson their price for saving him and then left.


¥10,000, 6 Karma, 2 CDP

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Setback: I felt like the Johnson had absolutely no idea what was going on, and I was right. If he wants to hire me again, he'll have to triple my pay as a 'stupidity tax'.

Cheshire Cat: It was nice to have chance to get to know my fellow runners but we had some slight bumps. The decker appeared to be mage racist and pulled a gun on me when I was trying to summon a spirit to help us out in the up coming battle. Other then that it was pretty chill.