Lifting People Up

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Lifting People Up
LocationPuyallup, Seattle
Status Threat Level: Low
Factions Involved
Tom, Jimmy, Mary and Aditya
A Puyallup neighborhood's HOA A tiny Humanis-associated metaracist gang


The team was hired to rehome a group of ghouls, Tom, Jimmy, Mary and Aditya, who were living in a Puyallup basement. They also scared away a metaracist gang.


A bunch of Buddhist ghouls tunneled into a Puyallup basement, the same one where Esteban González lives. The neighborhood's Homeowner Association might be inspecting that basement.

The Meet

The team met up outside Esteban's house and met him inside. A short discussion was had, payment was discussed. The team then walked down the street to meet the ghouls. It was chill, thanks to the F12 Lodge aspected to Buddhism the ghouls have set up.

The Plan

The team put their heads together and found out an abandoned shophouse with a basement, planning to move the ghouls at night.

The Run

The team discovered that the shophouse was occupied by a metaracist gang. They used some illusions to scare them away. Sp4rks then ferried the ghouls to the shophouse in the dark of night.


The ghouls are moved out of one particular neighborhood, and a group of gangers are scared away from Puyallup.


For personal characters:

- 10k nuyen in money

- 3 karma

- 2 CDP

For Zenoh:


Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Yeah, chum, easy money. So, we were called in to relocate some ghouls, you scan? I went to lock and load before we went in to talk with the ghouls and realized I couldn't cast any magic. Turns out the ghouls had messed with the... the vibe in the area. It felt all peaceful-like. Real strange cuz. Anyway, I readied up my ex-ex and followed the group down into the basement to deal with the ghouls. Turns out they're all allergic to sunlight and blind? I'm not sure if that's all ghouls or just these ones though. But yeah, we talked with them and they said they wanted us to find an empty house in the barrens. I picked my brain and remembered an empty house down in Puyallup. So that was the easy part. We went to check the house out and it was full of some sorta racists or some drek. I didn't really track that bit. Sp4rks didn't wanna just geek them though, right? Oh yeah, Sp4rks was the only person I recognized. The rest were all new. But yeah, we had to scare off the random people squatting in our house. Or maybe we coulda just found another house? Hound and Mystique cooked up a plan to send them packing with some illusions, which worked. I still think we shoulda just tossed a bunch of grenades in though. Those racists will be back to mess with the ghouls we moved in. Not really our problem though I suppose.


I was little upset that I didn't get to clear out some Humanis bastards, but oh well I was outvoted and know better than to try and argue when I'm outnumbered. We got those ghouls a new home and got paid for it too so I can't complain too much seeing as how no one came to hunt me down.


My matrix connection isn't the best, so I'll try to correct any transmission errors. Anywho: I'm quite happy and upset with how things went this run. First of all, I was told to get myself out of the bed and out of the house during the sun. Either way, we encountered some Ghouls. These ghouls were not feral. Contrary to popular belief, not every infected wants you on the table. Most simply are trying to vy and claw onto their fragments of metahumanity. Either way. I felt nice. Except for coming across the organization that always seems to crop up. I wanted to eliminate the problem before it occurred so the cycle continued. The funds will not be wasted, and the experience is great.


Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of will to do the right thing, and today i'm glad my colleagues preferred to make the effort rather than go in and kill everything in sight. We were contacted by one of those homeowners associations, the kind that's mostly interested by racketing people living there rather than anything else.

The job is to get rid of ghould in the basement of someone, and that someone wants them to be relocated, not killed. When we meet the ghouls, it turned out they actually had a buddhist lodge going, it was pretty sweet. My colleagues then pointed out some abandonned places to scope out in puyallup, but on site it was occupied by humanis.

The team wanted to geek them but it felt wrong to do, so i convinced them to just try to make them flee the place. Mystique really impressed me with her spell and everyone put his own touch, the humanisguys fled most likely with soiled underwear if i am to trust their horrific screams. I then just had to ferry the ghouls over here, stopping on the way to pay them some trodes as they really needed 'em

Here's to hoping everything goes fine for them.