Little Talks

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Little Talks
LocationThe CAS
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Mentor Spirit - Raven
Blue Crow


Blue Crow does some investigative work for her mentor spirit, solves a murder case, and ensures Justice prevails!


In the early 2040s, one Mr Joshua has his daughter killed to prevent her eloping with a troll that works on his land instead of marrying a Saeder-Krupp exec. He frames the troll for the murder.

The Meet

Blue Crow's mentor contacts her in a dream, pulling her into a metaplane under the control of the spirit. There she's introduced to the ghost of Charlene, who is inconsolably muttering about a "poor Leeroy". A cold case murdered approximately 7 years ago by being stabbed in the chest, Raven asks her to get to the bottom of who actually committed the murder. If she can manage this, Raven will share an exciting secret with her.

The Plan

There isn't a great deal of a plan aside from see where the leads take her, and hope she doesn't get nicked in the process.

The Run

Blue Crow wakes up in a forest several hundred miles away from her usual cave dwelling. She conjures up a small plant spirit and, in exchange for some reagents, learns where she is and secures it's services for a short while. Down in the CAS, she's only a few minutes away from the estate of Mr Joshua, and quickly spots one of his groundskeepers as she heads towards the building. After a quick chat with the groundskeeper she learns that Mr Joshua comes from old money, and has heavily invested his money into LoneStar, who have the main police contract for the area. She also learns that the staff aren't convinced that Leeroy killed her, but Mr Joshua gets very cagey and uncomfortable if he hears them talking about it, so conversations have been limited.

Blue Crow heads up the steps to the large mansion where she is promptly stopped by the Butler. She asks a few questions, tipping the Butler off to her investigation. When he asks her to leave, she refuses, and slips past him when he attempts to grab her, throwing up a quick invisibility and slipping away quietly. Although the staff are on high alert to her presence, she manages to sneak past them up to her room. Having a look around in the astral, she finds a locket that contains a faint emotional trace, as well as a Handkerchief. The strawberry-laced Handkerchief was obviously a token of favour, gifted to Leeroy by Charlene, but left behind as planted evidence after the murder. The locket similarly holds a faint trace of their relationship, the picture inside being of the pair of them. Blue Crow asks the plant spirit to find the troll in the image, employing the search power to confirm some suspicions. Back in the meat space, a commlink shoved into a drawer (after a little translation into Sperethiel), reveals love notes and a plan to elope between the two.

Having exhausted the evidence in Charlene's room, BC heads down to the servant's quarters, and searches quickly for what used to be Leeroy's room. Hidden under the bed, undisturbed for the last 7 years, a small cubby hole reveals a credstick with 15,000 NuYen and Leeroy's old commlink. Unlike Charlene's commlink, which was full of messages from various friends and family, Leeroy's comm' was mostly quiet. However, threats of violence from an undisclosed commlink shows that someone was aware of their relationship, and obviously didn't approve.

Back upstairs, BC heads to the room of Mr Joshua. Although it is the only room inhabited, the invisibility spell is still present and a quick high-force clout spell renders Mr Joshua unconscious, and BC free to look for evidence. She quickly locates the commlink, implicating Mr Joshua in the murder, as well as revealing plenty of evidence of closet Metahuman racism. It's enough to put him away and ensure justice is served.


Blue Crow throws the credstick to Charlotte Rina in exchange for drekposting this information all across the matrix, as well as putting in an anonymous call to Lone Star and passing the information over. All charges against Leeroy are dropped and he's spared the death sentence. Mr Joshua is help accountable for his actions.


  • Ordeal discount
  • 10 Karma
  • The satisfaction that, for once, justice was served
  • 2 CDP

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Blue Crow

[Sperethiel: Fraggin' racists! This drek? This is why I prefer spirits to people. What kind of sick frag kills their own flesh and blood just for a favourable impression with Saeder Krupp?! Bastard! If the bloody courts hadn't served Justice I woulda just burned him to death myself. Frag, I coulda just slit his throat when I knocked him out. And blaming her lover? Just because he's got horns and less money. Frag 'em. 'Least Charlene will get to rest now.]