Lucky Find

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Lucky Find
Status Threat Level: Low
Factions Involved
Xingyun the cat
Heart of the Tempest
Casualties and losses


The runners were hired to find a cat that had gone missing, they found out the cat had gone missing and had been adopted and full patched into a Outlaw Motorcycle Gang out of Redmond. Then they traded the cat back for 99 doses of Novacoke.


Leung Qiao, the daughter of a local Wuxing executive was emotionally distraught about her cat going missing, it was last seen leaving through the front door of their apartment block in Downtown on camera. The cat had an RFID tracker that went silent near to a bar in Downtown, where it then seemed to disappear off grid. Using his connections at the company, Qiao's father had a Wuxing Johnson by the name of Highrise hire a team of runners to discreetly find the cat.

The Meet

Highrise met the team at a local Wuxing owned restaurant. There were happy vibes all around, and the team were welcomed with open arms despite their differences to the locals. After agreeing to the job they were treated to a feast of Chinese cuisine, and no doubt this positive energy contributed greatly to the success of the run.

The Plan

Find the cat.

The Run

The team started off with a good old not-google session and found a page about the missing cat Xingyun (Lucky) made by Leung Qiao, she listed his favourite hobbies which included lounging around and being naughty, and also that he was a very fussy eater and would only ever eat Feline Secret's Almost-Tuna Exotic Speciality Flakes. The other result they got was a picture of a cat that looked very much like Xingyun but he was wearing a little leather biker jacket and goggles.

They searched for what stores supplied the cat's food and found two locations, one was a high end pet salon called Supreme Flouffe, and the other a Chinese Supermarket in Redmond called Dong Dong's. After a bit more Matrix work they found out that Dong Dong's had been picked clean of all of it's catfood, in one sale, and found that 3 bikers seemed to have gone in and cleaned out the entire stock of cat food at the Supermarket.

The other place they checked out was a bar in Downtown where the cat's RFID tag had stopped broadcasting from, from the footage there they found out that members of the same biker gang (The Satanic Slayers) had been drinking in the bar and actually arrived with a very familiar looking cat with them.

They tracked the cat to the Gang's bar which was the Salty Spitoon in Redmond, with a bit of negotiation they convinced Knoxkill, the gang leader that the cat already had an owner and she was very sad to have lost him, he eventually tearfully agreed that he would trade the cat for *something* but wasn't sure what, he just didn't want to lose face. One of his underlings mentioned maybe Novacoke would be a good trade? To which the team responded by trading the cat for 99 doses of Novacoke. This seemed a fair trade and the runners obtained the cat and everyone left happy.


Knoxkill OD'd on Novacoke out of sadness about losing the cat but is making a steady recovery, his gang have bought him a plushy of a cat to console him.

Leung Qiao is happy to have Xingyun back.

Xingyun is still a fussy eater.

Wuxing is happy with the runners.


8 RVP for Low threat

6000 Nuyen (3 RVP) 5 Karma (5 RVP) 2 CDP

Optional Rewards- Everyone - Animal Empathy (3 RVP)

Funk - Hi-Rez (4 RVP)

+2 Wu Xing Rep

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Heart of the Tempest

So, um, that happened. We bought a lost cat from a biker gang with nearly a grand's worth of Novacoke. Not much I can add on that one. We went looking, did a bunch of matrix stuff that I frankly don't understand, then we got the cat back the Loki way instead of the Thor way. The Johnson gave us a lovely meal though, sad I couldn't eat it.


Well, that was exciting! Apparently the PubGrid DemiGODS do occasionally look into you poking at things on the PubGrid. (Note to self, be careful poking at things on the PubGrid). The banquet at the beginning was pretty great also! Those bikers really need to get better operational security, it was not hard to track them down.


The J was very green, felt bad about squeezing him for more pay, so we didn't. :p

Still, at least we didn't have to shoot up a bar?


Sometimes doing the right thing is a big hard, but at least I try to make something good out of it