Maccy B's - Act I

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Maccy B's - Act I
LocationRedmond, Seattle Metroplex
Status Threat Level: Low
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Krill King
Eagle Security Mooks
Fire Spirit
Bethany the Manager


In which the runners steal a material link to a new fast food franchise for the purposes of ritual magic.


Reggie is just a run-of-the-mill franchise manager trying to run a McHugh's in Touristville, but competition from a new Krill King down the block is really cutting into his bottom line. In order to get a leg up on the competition, he's decided to conduct some ritual magic to place a curse the restaurant - unfortunately it's open 24 hours and has a pretty heavy-duty security contract, so she can't just hire anyone to do the job. Enter the runers.

The Meet

The team are told to meet at The Daze in Touristville, and everyone is able to get there without issue. Reggie meets them at a booth, explaining what he needs from them and telling them that under no circumstances are any customers to be harmed. He offers them 8k nuyen each for the job (which Delphi is able to negotiate up to 10k in exchange for the promise to get a material link from the dining room specifically, which should help focus the ritual magic more where Reggie wants it).

The Plan

After a bit of matrix searching on Krill King, Delphi determines that they have a contract with Eagle Security, which means a fairly heavy magical presence. The team decide to head over to the restaurant to check it out in person and see what sort of vulnerabilities they can exploit in order to get a viable material link to the place.

The Run

Arriving at the restaurant, Delphi (disguised and masking her aura) enters as a customer while Checkmate sneaks around back and Slownik mills about out front, ready to provide a distraction when needed. While Delphi gets some food, she assenses around for wards (spotting out and being spotted in turn by a fire spirit hanging around to provide astral security) and uses her arm's radar sensor to map out the interior, feeding the information to the others. After acquiring her lunch, she uses her psychometry to feel out the building's vibes (passing it off as a munchies-induced enjoyment of the middling-quality food, since she's obviously on drugs), and sees an image of a loose tile under a table which she subsequently sits down at.

Checkmate meanwhile successfully avoids the notice of the security guards and makes her way around back, picking the maglock on the door and sneaking inside to check out a storage room which the radar sensor is having difficulty picking up. Unfortunately one of the employees comes in and asks what they're doing there, so Checkmate makes up a story about being a new hire looking for a uniform (backed up by Delphi spotting out the manager's nametag and giving them some plausible seeming evidence for the con), being put to work and keeping an eye on the employees there to make sure they don't interfere.

While Checkmate distracts the kitchen staff (as well as Bethany the manager, who eventually goes to investigate), Slownik stumbles into the restaurant carrying his assault rifle and getting the attention of the guards after the MAD scanner starts going off and the concealed turrets start to deploy. Making a scene, he proclaims his right to carry a firearm and be served, causing the fire spirit near Delphi to take notice and distracting it long enough for her to pry the tile up with her foot and reach down to grab it with her telescoping cyberarm, successfully palming it into her coat pocket. Slownik is asked firmly to leave by the guards, doing so before a fight breaks out, Delphi finishes her food and leaves, and Checkmate sneaks away for a "smoke break" before Bethany sees through her ruse.


Having acquired their material link, the team call Reggie and arrange the hand-of back at the Daze. Before the meeting, Delphi uses Mona Lisa to perform a matrix search on his face, learning her actual identity and politely suggesting (read: bullying with novacoke-fueled negotiation) that Reggie give the team some McHugh's coupons for a job well done, which he does since he's satisfied with their performance (and to avoid any trouble with them down the line).


  • 10,000 nuyen
  • 2 karma
  • 2000 nuyen in lifestyle cost discounts from McHugh's coupons
  • 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Always nice to have a simple job that goes smoothly, especially lately. It was an interesting view into the world of restaurant wars, and it's no skin off my nose if some franchise manager wants to put a curse on their competitors; I even squeezed some free food out of her in addition to the pay. Checkmate and Slownik seem like good talent, both were good to work with on this one - hopefully they go far in this business. I should keep a close eye on this situation, feels like there's going to be more work here down the line.