Manhunt: KE Cops Killed in Renton

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KE News Bulletin

Date: 04/15/2082 By: KE Spokeperson Samantha Burnett

BREAKING NEWS: 01:10 Earlier tonight, a firefight occurred between a KE patrol and unknown forces at the Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park in Renton. KE have established road blocks and checkpoints in the area. They are currently conducting a manhunt for the people involved in that gun battle. KE is offering a 100,000¥ bounty for information leading to the capture and conviction of these felons. Anyone with such information should contact KE immediately.

BREAKING NEWS: 01:40 One of the casualties from the previously reported firefight is, in fact, Patrolman Korran Donaghy, eldest son of Renton District Attorney Mark Donaghy. KE has reportedly gone on priority alert. We urge all citizens of Renton to stay indoors until these murderous thugs are brought to justice. Patrolman Donaghy is reported to be alive and in stable condition at an undisclosed hospital in the Seattle Metroplex.

BREAKING NEWS: 04:00 KE Duty Officer Samantha Burnett reports that suspects in the murder of an undercover KE operative within the Gianelli crime syndicate have been apprehended. Details are still being made available, but the APB put out for four individuals in a Nissan-Chrysler Journey has been dropped. The three suspects in KE hands are said to be Gianelli associates, none of whom are believed to be "made". KE checkpoints are being stood on for the evening. Knight Errant wishes to remind the good people of Renton to commute safely this morning, given the high concentrations of airborne pollutants in the region overnight.