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Body snatcher disguiser
Proficient face
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
Titles and Awards0
D.O.B.June 13, 2058
Drive LinkDrive
PriorityMetatype - D
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - B
Skills - B
Resources - E

Character Information


Magical shape shifting face. Think Mystique.


Make money, get better, never make the same mistake again.


Quiet, determined, only speaks up when he has a point to make, but he really makes a point when he talks.


See the image for his base form, although with his powers, he can look like whatever he wants.


Always something nice looking and a little formal, but not too formal as to get him odd looks on the street.

Matrix Persona

Commlink default, no one ever looks closely at it.

In Play

Legwork: Social skills and contacts

While Mann may have a bit of Matrix Search ability that combines with his Profiler quality, most of his legwork ability comes from being able to talk to people and know people. Don't be afraid to call your contacts just to ask if they know anyone that might be able to help, especially your fixer. That's what they're there for.

Adept powers

Mann's powers are mostly based around his social skills, although Critical Strike is there to make sure you hit just a little harder with the shock glove. Authoritative Tone gives you more dice to social tests you start. Body Sculpt allows you to change a lot about how Mann looks, as well as gives you more dice to disguise. Commanding Voice lets you influence other people's actions, like a Jedi mind trick. Cool Resolve also gives dice to social tests. Facial sculpt and Keratin control let you reshape your head to however you want, plus it gives you more disguise bonuses. Voice Control gives disguise bonuses and lets you bypass voice recognition systems.


This is a double edged sword so keep an eye on it, while it gives you bonuses if you have a profile on someone, it gives you a penalty on people you don't have a profile on.

Alibi/First Impression

This pair of qualities will help Mann stay out of trouble, and just in general help with social things.


Mann grew up in the Barrens, always just barely staying out of trouble, until he signed up for an EVO drug trial to make some extra money. Turns out it was a set up, and EVO kidnapped the SINless who showed up looking for easy money. Mann got lucky, being turned into a stealthy killer for their sinister purposes. He managed to escape on his first mission (Turns out it's really hard to keep track of a guy who can become anyone) and faked his death before fading into the shadows. Through his connections and a good deal of luck, he found his was into shadowrunning and then into the Haven, where he continues to refine his skills.

Narratively Significant Qualities

Code of Honor (Assassin's Creed) and Profiler - Mann once was trying to extract a man for a job, but while trying to get past a guard, his shock glove accidentally fried a pacemaker the guard had. Since then, Mann has gone out of his way to harm as few people as possible, and make sure to learn everything he can about his targets first.

Down The Rabbit Hole - The feeling of having money is still fairly new to Mann, and he gets distracted easily thinking about things he could get, especially when the Matrix is so full of ads.

Malware Infection - His habit of clicking on interesting ads has led to quite a number of viruses on his commlink and he doesn't know how to fix it.

Run History

No runs yet. This list will auto-populate when this character is tagged in a run AAR.



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Maria Gennaro 2 1 Fixer Professional Bounty Hunter The Pauper Gentry, Respect The Hustle, Trickle Down Economics Even
Ashabel 6 1 Legwork Info Broker Technomancer, Well Connected, Whose Thing Is That?, Corporate Espionage, Everybody's Got A Secret, Crack The Code, Host Diver Even
Beatrix 6 1 Networking Embassy Worker Awakened, Tir Tairngire, Foreign Relations, Fey, Tir National, Path of the Wheel, Law Even
Juan Lopez 5 2 Custom(G,A,K,N) Forger Fake ID, Master Forger, Matrix Presence, Relaxed Life, Unsuspected, Burner SIN Even
Corf 1 1 Service Helpful Lil' Minecart Rail-bound, Small, Living Transport, Underground, Wild Spirit, Smol Even




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