Matrices For Dummies

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Matrices For Dummies
LocationPuyallup Barrens
Result Message thoroughly sent.
Factions Involved
Groglar Tribe
Casualties and losses
None A commlink


Something is causing weird matrix noise in Puyallup, and a team is hired to investigate and deal with the issue.


The Groglar Tribe, a tribe of troglodytes, came across a commlink. Without really understanding what they were doing with it, they were randomly pushing buttons trying to make it make nice noises. This was causing noise that was a small problem for the locals who were having their connection disrupted.

The Meat

The runners met with a ganger who was willing to offer a token sum of ¥2000 to investigate the problem. The team is a little uneasy at first at the mention of the words "milk run", but agrees to the job and sets out.

The Plan

  • Find the source of the noise.
  • What plan?

The Run

Tracking down the source of the noise was fairly easy for Quickdraw. Once the team found the subway entrance that marked the source of the noise, a small debate in the car started about how to approach the situation. Plans to fire rockets at the barricade to blow it up and kill those on the other side were argued down, and eventually a dialog was started. Eventually, it was confirmed that the noise was coming from a commlink in their possession, and their attempts to use it.

A quick sneak into their subway base followed by a few dataspikes and the offending commlink was bricked.


Thanks to the efforts of Quickdraw, they have their hands on a Blue Defender, some Teach Yourself English videos (not trideos; we're talking the free stuff), and a few instructional Matrix things so they don't send out junk data by randomly pressing buttons on the commlink. Again.


  • ¥2,000
  • 2 karma

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Howler's After Action Report

Part of her wanted to be angry. she sat in a van for a bit and didn't get to *do* anything. On the other hand, she had been paid pretty good considering she hadn't had to *do anything. She was glad that she had argued down "shoot them with rockets" as a plan "A". That certainly wasn't an ideal first plan in any case. She wasn't totally convinced that bricking their commlink was ideal, but it got the job done. I guess.