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Result Successfully faked a failed assault and delivered a package to a warehouse.
Factions Involved
88s Triad
Commanders and leaders
Casualties and losses


The Yaks hire the runners to deliver a box of gremlins to a target warehouse violently.


The meet is in Schnapps and Hotdogs, a bar in Touristville. The team is given a box to deliver and instructions to make it look like a failed assault


The runners find the warehouse and assault it. Hexagon ends up unconscious and hanging half naked and bleeding out on the rooftop, but is saved. The runners inside the warehouse have to deal with a remote rigger who keeps jumping into the immobile turrets all around the warehouse, as well as the dozens of grunts and actual guards.


The run is successful. After Midnight and Dawn happen.


20000 nuyen, 3 karma.

Player Characters


As was her usual ritual, Ashe mixed a nice margarita after a job well done. Another syndicate war job, this one for the Yakuza. The meet was overly formal for Ashe's taste, with a Yakuza matron presiding in silence to dignify the meeting with her presence while her attendants did the dirty work if associating with shadowrunners. Ashe appreciated a certain degree of formality, but she preferred her pre-op briefings to be more practical. All she really needed was a description of her objective and assurance of payment. Regardless, the job description was simple enough, but somewhat odd: Deliver a briefcase containing a package to a Triad warehouse in the Barrens, and obfuscate the delivery by making the job look like a failed assault. Emboldened by their 'success' driving off the intruders, they wouldn't notice the package left behind. There was one condition, though, the package would not survive traversing a ward; any astral defenses had to be neutralized.

Upon arriving, the team surveyed the defenses and found a ward, multiple armed guards outside, and an unknown number inside. Ashe and one of her brawnier companions (West) took a position near the door while the other two sharpshooters engaged the guards and watcher. The six-armed Russian woman engaged the watcher by taking the form of an eagle, while the other sharpshooter engaged from cover at range.

With the exterior defenses occupied, Ashe and her companion affected entry through a side door, encountering a number of guards and armed workers as well as several turrets. Ashe's companion created a diversion, occupying the guards and the majority of the turrets' attention as Ashe slipped around the edge of the warehouse towards offices containing the physical linchpin of the ward. Her companion's diversion was nearly perfect, with only the turrets occasionally turning the attention towards Ashe. The turret managed to connect one shot with a shotgun round, but her Zoe Executive Suite stopped the round.

Ashe entered the offices and destroyed the linchpin, signalling her companion to deploy the package while she exited through a window. The team successfully exited the warehouse and made it back to Johnson for payment.