Monolithic Mission

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Monolithic Mission
LocationSiberia & Space
Status Threat Level: Semi-Prime
Factions Involved
Amrei Veidt
This was an ascension run.


Vic finds saboteurs and gets 'em before they blow up a space station.


Vic's known Amrei for a while, but as a result of Vic's ability to seemingly face insurmountable odds and survive, Amrei wants to give her a bigger job.

The Meet

After agreeing to a job in secret, Amrei informs that there was sabotage on one of S-K's space stations. Evo has offered to work with S-K for PR reasons and 'help save lives' -- obviously this is just S-K loaning a rocket to get to orbit and fix the thing, but Amrei suspects there are people also trying to sabotage the repair. Vic will tag along and if necessary goes to space. Her job is to find the infiltrators and dispose of them discreetly.

The Run

Vic arrives to Siberia's launch facility and gets on good terms with the local Evo security chief. Two assistants are aware of her job and help her with investigation here and there. Vic first finds evidence of potential sabotage and makes a note of it, then later sees that medical supplies were also completely ruined on both sides, S-K and Evo. She starts asking around for witness reports and also requests the local security's help in a very straightforward investigation. She keeps her cover well until she starts interviewing everyone on S-K's team one after another, asking about strange occurrences and such.

With one of the tech assistants, she spots them lying and sweating during the interview and catches them as they try to run for it. The assistants rush on the spot as Vic snaps the man's neck and discreetly shuffles him into one of three body disposal sites. The assistants are annoyed and ask Amrei to hack the cameras and wipe the footage, which doesn't make them happy but she obliges. The second saboteur, however, isn't found so Vic gets on the shuttle and prepares to dock with the space stations when something goes wrong.

The docking procedures fail and the rocket starts venting atmosphere. Vic pulls out her more potent weapon and checks the place, spotting the saboteur on the station itself. She puts down her weapon and instead stares into the man's soul, intimidating him into turning himself in by leaning on the sheer weight of unimaginable power and horror in her past. Surprisingly, this works and he drops his weapon, allowing Vic to stabilize one of the crew who was already shot. Realizing this man has a cortex bomb and really can't be left alive, Vic obliges his request and kills him before venting his body into the vacuum of space where his brain bomb explodes without casualties.


Amrei debriefs Vic with a degree of contentness. Vic doesn't appear particularly phased by any of it, something that S-K appreciates. It may just be that Amrei's starting to like Vic as an employee and agrees to get her an armored CBRN suit. Afterwards, the West Coast Monolith modifies it to Vic's specifications.


  • 20k from Amrei. (10RVP)
  • 4 karma. (4RVP)
  • 1 extra loyalty from Amrei (5RVP)
  • Positive Quality "Spacer" (3)
  • 2 CDP
  • Ascension Reward: EVO Armadillo Armored Spacesuit w/ mods
  • Ascension Reward: Fake SIN by S-K, Mary Watson, with various licenses attached.
  • Ascension Reward: Several months of Medium lifestyle at Devil Lake
  • Ascension Reward: Bone Density Augmentation (Betaware Upgrade) & Mnemonic Enhancers
  • Over ten thousand nuyen are invested into the WCM as a result of her Code of Honor: Thug Life. She runs the gang and carries it on her back single-handed if she damn well has to.

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Amrei tightens her noose around my neck. Yes, she aided me, but only for her own goals. For now, this is fine, but sooner or later our goals will diverge and I must make a choice. Will I stay by her side as a loyalist or will I stay by Bolt and stand to my principles to the bitter end? Perhaps eventually I must find my way back... back to Pripyat. If that is where this will lead me, then so be it. But until then, I will strike as hard as I can whilst the iron is hot and make sure that the West Coast Monolith can improve the name of the Holy, of the Most Esteemed Monolith... and there I go again, falling into the trance. The trance I've done so many times. I will never escape from this. Perhaps I should accept that.