Moonlight Shadow

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Moonlight Shadow
LocationCamden, NJ
Result Wetwork. Kill a corporate cog, just to trigger a specific security response.
Factions Involved
Perfect Tommy
Blue Streak
Casualties and losses
None Raul Brandy


The runners were hired to assassinate a low-level employee at the SpinGlobal campus in Camden, New Jersey. The trick was that it had to be done in a 1-minute window in the middle of the night.


The job was evidently arranged purely to provoke a security response from an HTR team in New York. The target was the father of a rigger on the security team, and she was expected to take the most direct route to come to his aid. A route that happened to take her straight through Saeder-Krupp airspace.

The Meet

The runners were summoned to an upper room at the library of the University of Seattle by Herr Brackhaus. As is traditional, he had the appearance of Lofwyr's human form, and supplied a sumptuous offering of meats, cheeses, and wine. The job was to assassinate Raul Brandy, a low-level shaman employed by SpinGlobal. The job had to be done at precisely 4:02:06 AM local time, give or take 30 seconds. Transportation was provided, as well as burner commlinks to contact the Herr Brackhaus when the job was done.

The Legwork

Once the team touched down in New Jersey, CyberRacer took everyone for a drive around the perimeter of the SpinGlobal compound to scout it out. Near the designated assassination site, they spotted a ramp at a narrow spot in the lake that stood between it and the perimeter fence. So there was the exit strategy. Dokkaebi did some Matrix research and found someone who could get the team the access they needed, a desperate streaming personality named Zachary Marks. From there, it just took a little bit of networking and equipment shopping before everything was in place.

The Plan


Dokkaebi handled Matrix overwatch while the rest of the team carried out the job.


Perfect Tommy will approach the mark as a video producer with a hot new stunt driver looking for access to their facility for a video shoot.
CyberRacer will assist in the con by playing the part of the stunt driver.
Blue Streak will come along in the car as a second camera man.


Perfect Tommy will keep Zachary Marks occupied and maintain the cover story.
CyberRacer will keep the car ready, and help maintain the cover story.
Blue Streak will sneak into the woods where the target will be, and carry out the actual hit.
Dokkaebi will continue to provide Matrix overwatch from outside the facility.


After performing the hit, everyone will pile into the car, ramp over the lake, and crash through the chain-link fence of the perimeter to get away.

The Run

Perfect Tommy made the approach to Zachary Marks, pitching a video shoot on their ramp with a hot new stunt driver. Supposedly, they'd hired an astrologer to get just the right framing of the moon and stars, which dictated the odd timing of the jump at 4 in the morning. Marks was so enthusiastic about the potential shoot that he paid the runners a 6,000 nuyen bonus for the privilege of being involved and broadcasting it on his own channel. They arrived at midnight the night of the hit, and Marks let them in so they could start getting set up. The con was almost blown when a rival video streamer showed up and challenged CyberRacer to a race. Some smooth talking from Perfect Tommy convinced him to hold off until after the jump, and they continued on.

Fifteen minutes before the hit was to go down, the runners told Marks to head to the other side of the lake to keep him out of the way. They pulled the car onto a wooded path near the path where the target was due to pass by, and Blue Streak exited the car. He sneaked through the woods, deftly staying out of view of the flyspies and other cameras in the trees, and spotted the target walking down the path while on the phone. On his signal, CyberRacer revved the engine to cover the noise of the gunshots, and Raul Brandy was dead before he knew what hit him. The facility security didn't hear the gunshots, but he had been on the phone with his daughter, and she rushed toward the facility immediately.

Once Blue Streak was back in the car, CyberRacer tore down the path toward the ramp, and jumped over the lake with grace and style that no one had ever seen before. They crashed through the fence and disappeared into the New Jersey traffic.


  • Raul Brandy was dead, and his daughter was nearly shot out of the sky by Saeder-Krupp as she passed through their airspace to rush to his rescue. This surely triggered some kind of penalty by the corporate court for the incursion.
  • Zachary Marks' video went super-viral, but once word gets out that his video shoot was how the runners gained access for the hit, it may not be enough to save him.


  • 1 karma
  • 38,000 nuyen

Blue Streak WFTP 10k->5 karma

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

  • Perfect Tommy -

"We got hired by Herr Brackhaus for a hit on some nobody in New Jersey, on the SpinGlobal campus there. CyberRacer, bless her heart, thought it was a transport mission, but she got on board once she saw the paycheck. The Johnson provided transport, and soon we had touched down in New Jersey, and were scouting the perimeter for ways in. We spotted a ramp set up by a lake on the eastern perimeter, which was near the designated assassination site. That gave us an idea to bluff our way in by asking permission to do a video shoot at the ramp. The guy who we talked into giving us access was named, no joke, Zachary Marks. There's something in nominative determinism after all, I guess."

"Anyway, this guy was so eager to get a novahot stunt driver on his channel that he was throwing money at us to get us on site. It actually almost covered our expenses in burner SINs and equipment. We showed up the night of, and we had this guy eating from our hands. His big rival even showed up to start trouble, but I talked him down. A few minutes before the hit was to go down, we pulled the car down a side path, and Blue Streak snuck through the woods to take care of business. Then we got the ghost out of Dodge. CyberRacer pulled off an epic jump over the lake, and I hear the video went mega-viral. I called Marks as soon as we crashed through the gate and told him it was because we lost control, and we were going to loop around and come back in the front gate. He said we were going to have a great partnership on more videos, and I agreed whole-heartedly. Then I tossed the burner 'link I had called him from out the window."