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LocationSeattle, Ork Underground
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Third layer ferals
Koschei 1 Mutaqua, multiple feral ghouls
Casualties and losses
1 Mutaqua


Koschei gets called by a magic frog sent by a spirit with an offer she can't refuse.

The Meet

While meditating on the nature of all things in a dumpster in Puyallup, Koschei gets interrupted by a Spirit of Beast, in the form of a frog with a nice flowery hat, that invites her in a metaplane. There, she meets Teldragon, a rather powerful great form Spirit of Guidance. The entity showed to know much about her, from her name to her motives, thing that both scared and roused interest in the banshee. Confessing he needed an huntress for a job, the spirit offered a payment in form of intel on the man who infected her, someone Koschei was looking for entire months. Aware that that was a one-in-a-billion chance, she accepted the job without thinking too hard. The target of Teldragon was a mutaqua, or a troll infected by HMHVV strain IA, living and hunting in the third layer of the ork underground, occasionally even "peeking" in the more civilised second layer. Apparently, this mutaqua, completely feral, has a piece of spirit formula etched onto his skin, and Teldragon was after it.

The Plan

The first part of every successful hunt is knowing what you are hunting. So Koschei made a series of calls from her network of contacts. Boozeman was able to pinpoint the location of the beast somewhere below Renton, Svyeta offered insight on using fire as a weapon, and gave her an Astral Disruption prepared incendiary arrow, to stop some of his powers. Now, it was time for some more detailed information from the locals. So, she descended in the bellows of the second layer of the ork underground beneath Renton, looking for places to ask about this hulking albino troll decimating the locals. Unsurprisingly, the elf received a rather hostile welcome, with the patrons at one of the bars refusing to even let her in, leading to a downward spiral of threats and general dumbassery that was only ended by an old koborokuru woman, who, interested in the apparent interest of Koschei in taking the creature down, gave her pointers on where he was hiding, as well as insight on his previous life, more specifically the fact that when he was still a troll, him and another giant went to live in the third layer to escape from Aztechnology, but apparently something happened that infected him.

The Run

Having decent intel, Koschei ventured in the third layer, getting greeted only by destroyed buildings and a grim environment. As she got deeper and deeper, she finally spotted a pack of feral ghould, feeding on the torn and maimed remains of a series of metahuman corpses, all of them with injuries similar to those that could be inflicted by massive claws. Taking this as a clue, she started following the trail of blood till she had a clear visual on the creature. Given his adept powers, gifted by its HMHVV strain, he was able to react to her arrival despite her general sneakiness, and thus she lost her window for a first, clean shot, having to toss a volley of alchemically prepared arrows, not only having to bother about hitting, but having to actively go for the head, given the evident regenerative abilities of the creature. The mutaqua's attacks were overwhelming and fast, to the point where she was finally hit, dealing a level of damage that would have been absolutely lethal had she not unlocked the regenerative abilities of the infected. Taking the window of opportunity, the feral mutaqua, damaged and scared, run as fast as he could, leaving her behind for dead. After the time necessary for her body to repair enough damage to get back on her own feet, Koschei immidiately went for the chase, tracking the path of the wounded beast as fast as she could, finally intercepting him once again in his lair, an old and improvised habitation, decorated with all sorts of wind chimes and other such charms. This time, Koschei took no chances, using the arrow she was gifted and striking truly from the shadows, dealing considerable damage to the mutaqua and turning off his astral sight, damaging all his forms of localisation and general awareness. The already wounded and now disoriented beast was easy prey, and was quickly sent KO by a stick-n-shock arrow, and dispatched by blunt force to the cranium.


Koschei took some spoils, specifically the wind chimes for the old koborokuru woman, to remind her of her once friendand the formula piece from the skin as payment for Teldragon. After that, she burned the old house, as a form of improper burial for the mutaqua and his presumed boyfreind, who was found that in that same place.


Discount on IG2

10 Karma (10 RVP)

Teldragon as a contact at Loyalty 2 (6 RVP)

Intel on the vampire who turned her


Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Koschei: "Look, I dropped a dangerous beast that was killing innocents, and got closer to my revenge, it ain't that bad. That spirit formula bit was sketchy af, but if this Teldragon dude tries something weird I know how to find him now, so at least I can try to kick his ass"