My Hero

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My Hero
Part of Shadow Heroes
LocationHell's Kitchen
Factions Involved
Ariel Lopez
John Brown
Captain Boomerang
Agent Orange


Captain Boomerang and John Brown save Ariel Lopez from the clutches of Agent Orange, and bring the villain to JUST ICE!


Captain Boomerang and John Brown were both looking for a magical instructor: Boomerang needed an Enchanting tutor, while John was looking for someone to help him improve his Summoning. Riot and Queen Elizabeth XXIII, respectively, suggested they meet up with Ariel Lopez (Riot's aunt) in a bar in Puyallup.

The Meet

When they arrived at the bar, Ariel was nowhere to be seen, so they asked the various bar patrons. They said that a bit before the runners had arrived, a gang of people in hazmat suits gassed the place, abducting Ariel and knocking everyone unconscious. Apparently, they were one of two gangs (one hazmat-suited and very into poisons, the other spandex-clad and into protecting people) that fought in Hell's Kitchen. The game was afoot.

The Plan

The runners asked about these gangs in the Haven's chatroom, and Moth was immensely helpful, offering not only the location of the hazmat gang's hideout, but the identity of their leader, one Agent Orange, a map of said hideout, and one of the hazmat suits of the style worn by the minions. The duo piled into Boomerang's Jackrabbit and stopped by Moth's house, where she was hosting a party, for the disguise and some cookies. They summoned up an earth spirit to guide them through Hell's Kitchen and went to confront Orange.

The Run

Captain Boomerang not knowing how to drive, they got stuck in an ash pit pretty much immediately, but a friendly drone came by, operated by Jammer of the City Watch, to ask what they were doing out in Hell's Kitchen. Once Jammer was satisfied that they were on a mission of JUSTICE, he directed Screamer and Bold to come give them a hand. They were in the area on their way to apprehend Agent Orange, and they were happy to team up with some part-time heroes, especially once they realized there was a hostage in the mix. The group proceeded to the hideout, where John and Screamer summoned up a Task Spirit to open the lock on the door, only to meet another set of locked doors. They sent the task spirit to free Ariel from her cuffs, and Jammer took down the base's security via a backdoor that had been installed earlier.

John led the way, in disguise, with Boomerang following close behind. They ran into a cluster of guards, who were dispatched quickly by boomerangs, with a bit of help from mental magic. Ariel's cell guard was mind controlled into freeing her and taking off his armor, which made him an easy target for Boomerang to punch with the power of a channeled air spirit.

However, just as Ariel was set free, the runners got a message from Jammer - Agent Orange was making an escape! They caught up to him via a tactical piggyback ride and the speed of an air spirit, only to discover that he had one more trick up his sleeve. He called up his accomplice, a Force 8 Noxious spirit, a manifestation of toxic Air. In the ensuing fight, John Brown's summoned Guardian spirit managed to knock Orange unconscious while Boomerang tried to trade blows with the spirit, who left once Orange was down, but not before stripping off John's hazmat helmet and sending him into anaphylactic shock. Luckily, Captain Boomerang was able to stabilize him almost instantaneously with a Heal prep, so the damage wasn't lethal. The villain was captured, nobody was killed, the hostage was rescued, and JUST ICE was served.


Agent Orange is now in custody, and Captain Boomerang and John Brown are now both recognized as part-time heroes, in addition to having found a teacher


Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

John Brown

This was a trip. I was just looking for someone who could help me summon, and now I think I'm a superhero? I mean, I'll take it. I should get a costume, and a new name. Also, I don't think I've ever had this much difficulty summoning in my life. I definitely need that teacher. It was embarrassing.

Captain Boomerang

Frag. Now I keep getting push notifications from the City Watch like they expect me to work for free. I teamed up because it worked better for getting in, and, sure, I punched that guy out because I happened tk be in Redmond at the time, and sure, I sent a spirit to that shaman girl cuz I had one out to help woth my preps, and.... frag...