NERFs To This War

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NERFs To This War
LocationRedmond, Seattle
Status Threat Level: Medium to High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Maximus Tactical Outlet: Guns And Toy Store
Captain Freefall
Jenny Glitz
Brute Force


The team was contracted to swap out two shipments of Ares firearms for NERF guns. Going to two different gangs, about to engage in a gang war on the streets


Rev. Toby Newton was told during confession that two gangs were about to have a war, and were gearing up, ordering Ares Alphas from an Ares subsidiary Maximus Tactical. Hoping that they could be stopped, he called upon the Haven to assist him in his aspiration to not only prevent the war, but to get back at Maximus Tactical for laying off a number of residents of the area.

The Meet

Rev. Toby Newton invited the team to a virtual meet, the setting of the host was set to that of an old-timey western. With colors faded to sepia, and everyone wearing cowboy hats, even W!ndSong's drone persona, he began to explain the situation with the two gangs, the Sanguine Butterflies, and the Electric Blood Sisters. Then he requested that the team steal the toy guns used to replace the real ones from Maximus Tactical, as retribution for laying off the residents of this area, and if possible to bring the weapons swapped out to him, so they can be used for self defense purposes or sold to pay the team.

The Plan

With basic goals, the team set out on forming a plan, first to discover where the gun shipments were and when they would enter transit. Afterwards they would sneak into the warehouses and swap the reference tags for the crates. After spray painting the NERF guns black, they would be ready to be sent to the Gangers.

The Run

Jenny, who had to come to Seattle by train, hacked into the Maximus Tactical host to discover information pertaining to the warehouses and gun shipments. Whilst this was happening, Captain Freefall, disguised as Steve Streamer, used his background as a journalist to interview the leaders of each gang individually. But this was a distraction while he used his matrix perception to get the comm codes of the leaders.

Jenny looked in on the gang leaders after Freefall had finished interviewing them, and in a stroke of luck, the Sanguine Butterfly's leader had started a call with the warehouse they ordered their guns from. In an instant we had a location, of where to not only steal the Ares Alphas, but on how to switch the firearms with NERF guns.

Jenny hacked back into the host of Maximus Tactical, and used the employee's personas to get deep into the files of the company. She then forged a memo insinuating that Maximus Tactical, not only laid off employees to turn a profit from using an automated drone system, but were also selling to the gangers on both sides of the gang war, insinuating that they wanted the war to keep going to continue to profit from it. Then she encrypted the memo, and leaked it to a few of the laid off employees.

W!ndSong and Brute Force teamed up to scout out the warehouse, and came up with the plan to have Jenny hack into a drone, and drive the crate of NERF guns to the crate Ares Alphas. At the same time Brute Force would sneak into the warehouse, having W!ndSong's rotordrone as overwatch, providing constant ping locations for the five warehouse employees. Once Jenny arrived with the fork-lift drone, Brute Force swapped the tags.

In a flash of genius, Jenny put in an order for NERF guns, paying a paltry sum of 500 nuyen, and making sure to put in the reference number of the crate of Ares Alphas with the NERF gun reference number on it. The drone delivered the crate of Ares Alphas right to the roadmaster that W!ndSong had pulled up to the delivery gate as Brute Force snuck out of the warehouse.

Jenny finally entered Seattle, and grouped up with the team as everyone met in front of the Maximus Tactical Outlet, where the Electric Blood Sisters' were going to get their shipment of firearms from. Freefall perceived a set of two watcher spirits patrolling around the store and its warehouse in the back. Using the power of JUSTICE! Brute Force lead the team stealthily through the warehouse.

After finding the Ares Alphas and the NERF guns, Jenny connected directly to one of the fork-lift drones, and swapped the crates, switching the tags as well. W!ndSong spray painted the NERF guns again, and the team escaped with a second crate of Ares Alphas, without getting caught by the watcher spirits.

After they left the Maximus Tactical outlet, they delivered the guns to Reverend Toby Newton. They got paid, had a good time and didn't set off any alarms.


Maximus Tactical's stocks plummeted from multiple class action lawsuits due to evidence indicating that Ares tried to cover up profiteering from the gang war.


  • Contact: Rev. Toby Newton at Connection 3, Loyalty 3
  • A fictional NERF Gun of your choice

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I think this run went off perfectly, the only thing that could probably be improved upon was Brute's speed in switching the reference tags on the crates, but otherwise flawless.

Brute Force

I am once again pleasantly surprised at how professional the runners in the Haven are. This js my second run so far on the Haven, not one punch thrown. Small time, I couldn't go a run without punching out a few guys. This was a pretty much perfect run and everyone did a great job.