Neural Chip V3

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Neural Chip V3
LocationSony / Sony Subsidary Prod. Lab
Result Target objective Eliminated, Major Runner Victory
Factions Involved

Chop Shop

Messenger 7

Sony Corporation

The Janitor
Commanders and leaders
ShadowHaven The on-site Administrator
Casualties and losses
ChopShop Wolfheart,
Messanger 7's dignity

12 MCT Roto Drones w/ HVAR
1 Sony Orderly 4 w/ Machine Gun,
1 Sony HTR Summoner/ Dispeller
6 War Dogs
5 Sony SecuGoons
On-Site Rigger critically wounded

Sony Cougar


The Sony corporation is developing a new piece of gear that lets them rig people. Someone hired Runners to put a stop to this.


A cyber collective hacked into SONY and found the issue, and then brokered favors to get the money to do a run against this.

The Meet

Tülay Meier-Adler, the Johnson told the runners of the payment plan, then informed them of the general security of the target. this included how heavy the drone swarms were relied upon, the cyber security of the area as well as other operational details that could be known.

The Plan

Chop Shop did a matrix search, found out the internal security of the systems (HVAR, guns, a couple other details, finding that a box was shipped in.)

Wolfheart did a druidic ritual to mana window through the mana barriers and peek through all the security, discovered the general layout of the facility, locations of general security measures as well as rough numbers of the enemy numbers.

The Run

Runners drove to the compound, have a spirit baby carry them over a fence and then they hacked into the cargo warehouse. They tried to walk across the cargo warehosues floors, but the janitor was pissed after Wolfheart let a water spirit go in his warehouse nad stuck ulta lubricant into his mop bucket and caused Chopshop, Wolfheart, and Messenger 7 to slip on the floor. After the embaressing incident that stole their dignity, they snuck past two scientists discussing the good life by using a concealment spirit. They then went down the stairs.

At this point they have been hacking cameras five times over, and found down the stairs was a MCT rotodrone wandering around slaved to some guys RCC. Chop shop tried to hack it but the rigger was notified of the issue and promptly turned around and sounded the silent alarm.

The drone that was almost hacked turned hte corner and fired a bunch of bullets that didn't do anything, and then got broke..

Another drone was sent to peak around the corner to spy on the runners while they did their thing and a security response could be made, and it got shot in the face.

While the runners moved down to close the distance to their objective, security goons went down the stairs and used a mirror to spy on the runners, and promptly got knocked unconscious by virtue of air burst grenade, screaming about his legs all the way to the black. After this, a lot of things happened all at once.

Chop Shop & Wolfheart were in the hallway, Burnout and Messenger _7 was in the Process Division, where the spooky laboratory stuff happens.

  1. 10 MCT Rotodrones each maneuvered into a 20 meter line such that htey can all fire without going into their firing lines in the hallway, and promtly sent a hail of bullets at Chop Shop. the damage done was negligable.
  2. Silent Alarm provoked a repsonse by HTR to move in, with a HTR Mage/Summoner moving in immediately to check the situation out. He immediately banishes Wolfhearts spirit and order two of his four force 5 spirits to materialize and geek astral people.
  3. Handler got his War dogs out of the cage and releases the dogs.
  4. Chop Shop almost gets body slammed by a knock off ARES Cheetah (Sony Cougar).

Chop shop responded to this by kicking the Cheetah that was trying to run away into the ceiling, dump shocking the onsite Rigger.

Wolfheart casts Powerball onto the dogs as well as a fire spirit, doing neglible damage and taking cover.

Burnout breaks into the Process Division where the objective is stored, and spots a nerd putting one of the objectives from a display case into his bag.

Messenger 7 proceeds to break through the door and goes to bully that scientist/nerd.

The dogs try to maul Chop Shop, and fail.

Fire spirits to to maul Wolfheart, fail.

2 Fire spirits that were not materialized go to bully Wolfhearts spirit, does so.

The scientist was bullied into opening a safe, he tried to run away only for the Anthrodrone getting up and silently shooting at said scientist. suprisingly, the guy lives. Later, his bag gets cut off of him by Burnout.

Chop shop witnessing the Anthrodrone, gets his machine gun and Bulls Eye Bursting it through 2 reinforced glass panes and a desk, putting it down.

Burnout leaves Process Division and uses her sword to cut 2 Fire spirits in half

Wolfheart switches to Astral Perception and murders the HTR member through a f7 power bolt and something like 24 reagents. All fire spirits released, Wolfhearts wolf spirit possesses the 6 war doges and they play hell on the stair way.

Fight is over.

The run team promptly goes into process division, destroys all objectives (presumably also the one inside the scientists bag, but it wasnt explicitly stated as such.) and finds the mysterious box.

There was a person in it, breathing raspily. after a small amount of deliberation, the players decide to activate its kill switch and to their horror find that the person in there basically kept screaming when the pneumatic press inside the box began trying to pulp the person inside. after a solid 10-15 seconds of screaming, the runners turn the kill switch off, and let the poor chummer out of the box.

Inside it was a Cyberzombie, basically half dead from events besides the box and covered in soot. it numbly followed the runners out of the building. They passed by the Rigger being evacuated by a Doc Wagon team

The guns on the outside of the compound on 2 towers did not shoot at the runners, ordered to stand down to prevent property damage.


The Runners, only barely knowing what it was exactly their new "friend" was took it for a drive to a B zone and (one runner had to go in the trunk.) They met with the Johnson after arranging for a street doc to take it off their hands, (Jane Foster). Jane Foster arrived with a white van and gently asked it to come with her, which the cyber-zombie did.

The CyberZOmbies name was Charles.

The Johnson flatly asked to not be informed about the giant hulking monster and to continue about his day. He paid the runners and called it a day.

The Cyber Zombie will be a part of future events., as it has MCT Cybernetics and ARES markings on it, and was found in a SONY box.

The Target of the Run was successfully destroyed.


16 RVP


default 6k nuyen, 13 karma

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


This one was strange. So many high-tech abominations were on display, but we didn't run into much resistance until in the room with the prototypes. We were caught off-guard, but the Dead whispered their wisdom in my blood strongly that day, and so I helped the team outmaneuver our foes. Confined spaces are a boon to advanced spell shapers such as myself!

Chop Shop

If there was a single run that perfectly encapsulates everything that's wrong with corporate security it's this one. They had a decently isolated location, they paid for a lot of fancy weapons, that ultimately underpowered and near to useless, and their gamble was on several hundred thousand nuyen worth of combat drones and in the end they barely even slowed us down. The site's rigger was a joke, I shot down nearly a dozen of his rotodrones with complete impunity, even when he sent in his very pretty firing line, he managed to hit everything in the hallway but me and his fancy cougar drone running at mach 1 only managed to knock some of the shine off my boot when kicked it into scrap. What a joke, the manpower on site was laughably inept, the majority of their forces getting mauled near to death by their own guard dogs and the ones that were left too gutless to stand against us during the exfiltration. Good riddance, maybe they'll spend some more money to put a weekend's worth of training into the next batch, won't fix the lack of backbone but at least they might be able to beat their own dogs.

Messenger 7

A horrific display of the worst excesses of corporate control and hubris. To create a monster like the one we "set free" is bad enough, but then to seek to trap it, corral it, and covet it? There is no place in all the planes bad enough for Sony. I would not have shirked from slaughtering the entire facility, but our employer wisely set achievable targets. Those chips... it is good that we have destroyed them. Any mage that would work on such a site deserves the fate Wolfheart delivered. How can they be so blind to what is happening? Azazel will set them straight, one day.