Never Skip Leg Day

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Never Skip Leg Day
Part of A Taint On Us All
LocationRedmond Barrens
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Black Lodge
Gang Alliance
Gav Jacinto


The plucky anti-heroes assist Tamanous in destroying a warehouse, double-cross the syndicate by assisting the Black Lodge, and set off a chain of events that PROBABLY WILL NOT doom all of Seattle.


LB, an ex-runner, is a made man with Tamanous. Rabbit and Babylon have ties with the Black Lodge, which is basically the Illuminati mixed with the boogeymen.

The Meet

Babylon, Wychking, Rabbit, Setback, and Gav meet LB at E-Vue, with Babylon arriving early. As LB outlines the job--taking out rival organ leggers and demolishing their warehouse, Rabbit hacks LB’s commlink and grenades. As he fails to control the device, LB summons a large fire spirit, which Babylon banishes before explaining that it was the runners, worried that someone would take advantage of the wireless devices. The J is diffused and sends them to their task, but the uproar definitely drew attention to the crew.

The Plan

Rabbit and Babylon utilize the matrix to investigate the known disappearances; with their work, they narrow down the possible base to a small radius in the northernmost section of Sophocles. They also discover that gangers from several different orgs are wearing navy colors with maroon X’s.

Setback contacts Reverend Toby Newton. With their help, (and the unfortunate delegging of a member of their congregation,) the team narrows the possible area to a series of warehouses. Babylon contacts the Black Lodge to warn them of Tamanous’s moves against them, and the Black Lodge requests that Babylon allows it to happen, but to make it obvious that it was a Tamanous job. Babylon informs Rabbit, who also has some relationship with the Black Lodge, and Babylon retrieves a Tamanous medal to put into the blaze and frame the group.

They move in to investigate via the matrix. As they approach, the area is laden with watcher spirits. Rabbit searches and hacks commlinks in each of the three nearby warehouses, and finds two deckers but no ghouls in two of the warehouses. In the third warehouse, she controls a commlink only to find herself staring directly at a ghoul’s face as they browse dating apps. The team maneuvers on top of the warehouse with ghouls and prepares to breach.

The Run

Rabbit blasts an 8m hole in the roof of the warehouse, then simultaneously data-spikes the remote deckers from the other warehouses. The team drops in to find two frag off big spirits and several ghouls. Rabbit’s attack is dodged by the spirit, who manages to fear Rabbit away. Setback open fires on another spirit and lights it up. Gav chainsaws a ghoul, spraying blood EVERYWHERE, while Rabbit manages to cut another ghoul in half. Wychking and Babylon destroy the barrier, and drop into the warehouse. The remaining spirit and ghoul are dispatched, but Wychking’s ally spirit discovers the ganger who had summoned the two spirits running out the office door.

Babylon does something that is totally not obvious mind magic to cause the summoner to return. As the team attempts to interrogate the summoner, she spends a massive amount of remaining energy to summon one last frag off huge spirit, which Babylon banishes, almost dying in the process and falling unconscious.

Gomorrah places the Tamanous medal gently in the warehouse before putting a slap patch on Babylon and levitating her to safety.

Setback threatens to put the human summoner into the ghoul blood, and--with an intense intimidation, the team interrogates the summoner. They discover that some organization has been paying ALL the local gangs to do menial work through a commlink app, and that--to get paid--the gangs can’t attack anyone also wearing the X while they’re working on the job. The ganger also says that there are legs in the crates, and that he has no idea why anyone would want just legs.

The team, satisfied, lets the summoner go. As he departs, it becomes obvious that he has urinated on himself. The team sets the building on fire, and Rabbit edits a commlink to add video footage of LB setting the fires. As they leave, the sea of gangers wearing navy with the maroon X’s part like the red sea to let the team leave.


  • The team may have been noticed at the meet.
  • All but Babylon were definitely seen by gangers.
  • Tamanous may realize the team set them up.
  • The police and DA are now on the lookout for Tamanous activity.


To each:

  • 20k from Tamanous.
  • 2 CDP

To Babylon & Rabbit:

  • 10k from the black lodge.
  • +3 Black lodge rep.

To Setback / Wychking / Gav Jacinto:

  • 3 karma
  • 4 CDP

To all but Babylon:

  • 1 Noto

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Hah. Well this was something. I didn't expect to hear from LB again, but I'm glad I held onto his number, and the medallion from that last encounter with Tamanous. Playing them against the Black Lodge... yeah, I'm not gonna lose sleep over that, seems to me that it's a "two birds with one stone" situation. Plus I even managed to keep myself and Gomorrah from being caught.