New Opportunities

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New Opportunities
Part of New Job
LocationHell's Kitchen, Pullayup, Seattle, UCAS
Evans Doyle
Doctor Anubis
Casualties and losses
Jorogumo, a VITOL, and badly wounded security guards


Shiawase is developing a new security drone, and Wuxing wants the man behind the design.

The Meet

The team meets at The Caged Devilrat, a runner hangout bar in Touristvill that sometimes hosts meets. Mr. and Ms. Wu are waiting in the back, with a full meal prepared. They serve the team a delicious meal first, refusing to talk business until after eating (although they are more than happy to discuss other subjects).

After eating, the team is hired for an unwilling extraction, nabbing a Mr. Toshi Nakamura while he is demonstrating for his superiors a new drone that he has developed. Mr. Wu is not sure exactly what the drone is, but believes it to have military applications and is likely to be loaded with live rounds.

The Legwork

The team having been provided with the location, goes to scout the area out early. They have a little trouble navigating Hell's Kitchen, and Deimos ends up cutting a deal with a local fire spirit for its support. Deimos gives it a point of karma and for the next 2 days, the spirit will safely guide them through Hell's Kitchen and assist them in their endeavor. The team is now friends with Abi, a force 5 free fire spirit.

When the team makes it to the warehouse, they find it abandoned, and do a sweep of the area finding multiple sensor tags planted by Saeder-Krupp. The team destroys the tags, not knowing who they belong to but suspecting a third party.

They use the knowledge of the area to begin forming their plan...

The Run

The next day, the team returns, with some warning from Abi that this time people are present in the warehouse. The team approaches with caution, and Deimos approaches the 2 Sakura Security guards with Incubus Shroud active, quickly finding out via a mind probe that both see him as their superior officer. This is a Japanacorp, after all. There is nobody out here they would imagine as more likely to be around whom they have such deep respect for.

Deimos cons them into being drawn away for a sweep of the nearby area, and the rest of the team sneaks in to set up some gas grenades to ensure the whole building is flooded with Neurostun. After a while, the team pulls out having accomplished their goal and Deimos is warned by Abi that more people are incoming, and another spirit is with them.

The Jorogumo Drone

The team hides from the security sweep, and the security sweep fails to spot their grenades, hidden inside a bunch of junk. they identify one member of the security team as a mage... and see the newly developed drone. The drone is a huge anthro drone with a spider-like body and guns on each leg. It is equipped with blades, small arms, long arms, a grenade launcher, an AA missile launcher, and a flamethrower. The team is reasonably scared of this thing.

The team realizes they can't fight it, and opts to deal with this issue as well as the FBA guards with about ¥16,000 worth of smart corrosives, programming them to go after a wide enough range of material to effectively neutralize any possible threat outside of magic. They use yet another set of smart corrosives to quietly enter through a back wall on the higher level, and throw their cocktail from the upper level. Abi materializes to set off the previously planted grenades, and is shot up quite a bit, but survives and a grenade launched form Jorogumo sets off the team's gas grenades.

The fight is brutal, but the team grabs Mr. Nakamura and runs for it. They discover that Jorogumo is unable to attack even in the general direction of a Shiawase employee, and the team tries to run for it.

The security forces have issues, as some are hindered by Naurostun when their armor has its chemical seal broken by the smart corrosives, their captain orders them all into the VTOL to chase the runners down. This would have ended very poorly for the runners except the VITOL was also hit by the smart corrosives, and didn't last long in the air before it gave out.


  • Wuxing has acquired Toshi Nakamura, a brilliant drone designer.
  • Shiawase lost their developer, and a VTOL and has some badly wounded security.
  • Jorogumo is beyond repair thanks to the smart corrosives.


  • ¥20,000
  • 6 karma

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Doctor Anubis

We went to the place as designated to meet the Johnson to where we were met in a conference room while he gives everyone a high class meal. I don't trust what ever gives in these meals as they could poison it and make us do the run for free. In there own delusional manner. Still they tell us to capture a drone maker near the active mt. rainier. I thought this was easy as I am a expert at extraction. We went over there and eventually we found a fire spirit that is willing to help us along with almost being melted from the inside from a steam coming from the ground. We eventually get to the location set up the ambushed, eventually a drone came of masterwork using a spider legs and have many mounted weapons. Lucky one of the guys had a lot of nantites that can pierce armor and the fire spirit set up the distraction. To then it worked to as many of the soldiers did get compromised with the gas and nanites to then I ran in and got the asset. I had to deal with live fire luckly dodge and then brought the guy away from the facility. Next the rest of the personal did go into there VTOL and crashed it. We head our way back to the van and delivered the asset to then we got our money, I think I would do it again to get another guy of this kind and I really wanted to get that drone but it was way too dangerous.


None were more surprised than I when...the Johnsons offered more than a drink or whatever, we got real steak. I decide to focus on eating since the rest of the team seems to get along better with the Js. Kidnapping plot ensues. I'm not too keen about it but try to think in terms of Dragonslayer also being the patron of plenty of viking type raiders. An unwilling extraction is just the modern day version of a viking wedding proposal, right? We go down to this hellhole where the volcano ate almost everything, almost go into the lava and steam vents, and putter around until we find one of the locals spirits. Mage talks to them and fortunately I didn't have my blade up and active. A weapon foci is one of the few universal languages, and none of the words are friendly.

Fortunately, friends are made, plans are formed, we find some bugs indicating yet another party might be coming for either the drone and/or nerd, and we're back the next day. Some creepy mind spell that makes you look like your ideal friend is cast (to me, the mage looked like my old boss, but as a corpse), the goons out front are led away. Shiawase's thing is political staying power, crackerjack grunts is not a thing they're renowned for...out of the Big 10, I think only Horizon is squishier in the apply-gun-directly-to-problem situation. That doesn't mean they're not dangerous. A little while later, after we get into position, a VTOL and a goonsquad hell of a frankendrone step off. I'm not sure exactly what happened but one of the team nerds had some hillarious superdeath nanites we sprayed everywhere and also we turn through a nearby wall for an escape.

Its go time, I chuck in the toxins and start covering and dropping targets of opportunity. Dr. Anubis runs in, physical barriers are cast around the drone to stop it from pureeing the Doc. He eventually knocks out the target nerd's datajack, the drone stops attacking, we make our way out, and start running. The monad menace or whatever the frag tears through the VTOL and it goes down like three seconds after take off. The Js are happy, ask for footage of the drone. We apparently decide to hand it over for free in hopes the good will will be returned, and go our way. A bit messed up but no non-combatants injured and fatalities avoided/minimized, and we're alive, in one piece, not incarcerated, and paid. In the shadows that's called batting 1.000.